what to ask the angel cards?

What to ask in an Angel card reading?

You may have heard of Angel cards and be thinking of trying them out to see how they can help you in your life. But, it’s worth knowing what to ask in an Angel card reading before you face the cards. 

Before attending an Angel card reading, it’s a good idea to understand what these cards are and how they connect to the spiritual realm.

Similar to Tarot cards, Angel cards open a channel to a higher plane which is, in this case, our angels. These might be our ancestors, or our guardian angels, but the result is the same. Angel cards offer messages of support and reassurance, designed to help us conquer life’s challenges.

From problems at work or in our relationships, to more challenging issues with our health or money. The Angel cards channel the wisdom of our angels, and give us answers that can help us find the strength to carry on, or to give us a clue about how to get over this hurdle.

What is an Angel card reading?

Unlike Tarot, Angel cards don’t give specific answers about time, places or specific events. It’s like you get to ask Angels a question, which will come with an answer from a higher place. So, you will need to ask Angel cards questions in a specific way

With an Angel card reading, you can either do it yourself, or ask a psychic to do it for you. If you decide to do it yourself, there are many different types of Angel card decks to choose from. 

The Angel cards themselves are printed individually with messages and imagery, which the Angels use to communicate with us. These messages can be either simple statements, or sometimes you’ll need to consult the guidebook for more intricate Angel cards.

Another difference between Angel cards and Tarot cards is that Angel cards seek to answer questions, offer on a specific subject. As such, it’s often a better idea to focus on solving a problem in your life, or asking for guidance, rather than looking at an overview of your life in general, as you would with Tarot.

Even a single Angel card reading can be a very powerful experience, and one that you will likely find empowers and energises you to action your newfound advice. So, what should you ask in an Angel card reading?

What questions to ask in an Angel card reading?

When it comes to the actual reading, the key is to ask clear questions. Avoid asking Angel cards yes or no questions, as this doesn’t allow the full scope of the response. Angel cards don’t have the capacity for a yes or no answer, so it’s best to ask a question that will receive a full and frank answer. 

As an example, instead of asking, will I ever find true love? Ask instead, what can I do to find true love?

Another key fact to remember is to make your question clear. If you change your question halfway through, or you are rambling or unclear in your question then you may not get a clear answer.

Some examples of what to ask in an Angel card reading can include:

  • How can find the strength to achieve this goal?
  • What can I do to change this feature of myself, or my life?
  • Is this relationship/job change in my best interests?
  • Is there anything I should pay attention to in myself right now?
  • How can I be a better person/lover/parent etc?
  • Can you guide me towards what I should be doing with my life?
  • How can I break free from this negative influence/money problems etc?

As you’ll notice, all of these questions are quite deep and require in-depth responses. Ask the Angel oracle cards something like this, and see what happens. Most are surprised and thrilled by some of the answers.

How is an Angel card reading done?

Once you’ve chosen your Angel card deck, or your psychic, you can prepare to ask the angels a question (or questions). The process for an Angel card reading is usually something similar to this:

Take your Angel cards and hold them in your hands, ideally close to your heart or your body. 

Say a small prayer to ask your angels for their advice and to give you their guidance.

It’s suggested that you touch each card in the deck before asking the Angel oracle cards any questions. This is best done by shuffling the deck, or fanning them out face down and then collecting them back into the deck again.

Once you feel ready, ask your angels a question out loud, ideally while holding the cards in your hands. 

Shuffle your Angel cards until you feel it is the right moment to stop. Take the card that is calling to you, perhaps from the top of the deck, or it might be a card protruding from the deck. Whatever feels right to you…

You will then be able to read and interpret the angel’s response to your question.

If a psychic is doing the reading on your behalf, they will ask you for your interaction to summon your angels with a chant or call. The psychic will have their own methods for channeling your angels, so follow them as closely as you can.

You can ask as many questions as you like during a single Angel card reading. Although, for your own sake and for clarity, it might be best to keep it simple and focus on a handful of questions. It’s always possible to come back later and ask your angels more questions once you have had time to digest what has been revealed.

Don’t forget to thank your angels for their help and guidance at the end of your Angel card reading.

Are you ready for your Angel card reading?

We all have questions and are searching for questions in life, and I believe that the Angel cards are a great resource. You can always buy your own deck of Angel cards, but the expert interpretation from an experienced psychic can be crucial. Even if you have your own deck, a one on one session with a psychic can help clarify certain points.

An Angel card reading is an excellent option if you’re looking to answers, especially on a specific issue. For example, if you want to know how to solve a money problem or break free of a toxic relationship, the Angel cards will have some great guidance for you.

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