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How to Know When Someone Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Have you ever asked yourself why you just can’t stop thinking about her? Well, she is probably thinking of you too. Bear in mind that all of us are psychics in one way or another and for this reason when you connect to another man or woman in a deep or intimate way, you actually connect your soul to hers. Most people do not realize this but take note that each and every one of us is clairsentient, regardless if you know it or not.

This means that you have the capability to feel another individual’s energy or feelings. Take note that this can be positive or negative, depending on the individual and if you want to go through the details, you may want to obtain the services of a psychic near you. But if you want to analyze the situation first, you can do by taking note of the common signs that are elaborated below.

Can’t Stop Thinking About Her or Him?

For example, you are hanging with your friends or acquaintances and you are laughing, cracking jokes, or dancing inside a bar. Then, all of a sudden, fear falls on you or you experience an abrupt surge of sadness. This means that someone—most probably someone who is dear to you—is thinking of you at that exact moment. You’re probably doing the same that is why you encountered unexpected emotions. It is important to note that if you abruptly developed a sense of sadness, there’s a chance that the person who has you in his/her mind is sad about the distance between you two. In line with this, it may also be complemented with guilt, anger, or basically some mixed emotions.

Imagine this: you are eating by lonesome and then out of nowhere, you start coughing, choking, or feel that some of the food are not smoothly passing through your throat. When these things happen, your subconscious mind is probably developing tension since someone is thinking of you.

Yes, there is a scientific explanation for hiccups: for a time-being, your diaphragm, as well as lungs, are “out of sync” and they develop when your diaphragm unexpectedly touches your lungs. But bear in mind that there is also a divine explanation for the mentioned “interruption” and by all means, it is not romantic. Sometimes, it means that a particular person is maliciously complaining about you and he/she just doesn’t like you, even if you did not do anything wrong. Furthermore, he/she may lie about you just to make himself/herself look good. Also, if you’re hiccupping more frequently if you’re with a particular person, he/she is probably the culprit.

Itchy or twitchy eyes are different among females and males. If you’re female and you’re left eye is itchy or twitching (given that you don’t have allergies or illness), then chances are someone is speaking highly of you and you may encounter good luck pretty soon. However, if it’s the right eye, then someone could be talking bad stuff about you and you could run into bad luck. The rule is the same for men, just the opposite eyes.

How to Know When Something is Thinking of You




This is arguably the most subtle and exquisite psychic sign that some is thinking of you. If you experience this and you’re not in a socially-awkward situation or you don’t have illness, then maybe someone is bad-mouthing you. It’s like you’re being slapped in the face with no apparent reason. It’s also a feeling of shock that results from someone talking ill of you without actually knowing it. When it goes away, he/she is probably done with his/her nasty thoughts.

If your right ear is feeling itchy, then chances are someone who is dear to you really believes in you and he/she is speaking highly of you. However, if your left ear is itchy, then someone is probably discussing your blunders and is degrading you. If it’s complemented with a burning sensation, then there is extra vile involved.

Regardless if it’s your left hand or right one, itchy palms sometimes means that an individual far away is thinking of you. Sometimes, though, it there may be money involved. An itchy left palm means that you may lose money in the coming days, while an itchy right palm means that you may obtain money. The good news is you can actually harness the energy of a living tree; this can be done by rubbing your palms against each other. By doing this, you may increase the chances of obtaining money instead of the other way around. So, the next you encounter this, either someone is thinking of you or you’re about to gain or lose money.

If you sneeze one time and then the urge to sneeze again does not visit you, then it’s possible that someone is thinking about you in a positive light. A double one is the exact opposite and two sneezes in a row may mean that someone is talking about you, but in a negative manner. When you sneeze three times in a row, then a blessing is probably along the way.

Sometimes, a yawn is not just a sign that you are tired or fatigued; it could mean that someone is speaking badly of you.

If you’ve lost a loved one or someone who is really close to you, then you stumbling upon a white feather or a butterfly may mean that someone is thinking of you, wherever he/she is. This is most true if it happened right after a loss.

Summing up

There you have it some of the signs that suggests that someone is thinking of you in a positive or negative manner. If you want to obtain a more concrete answer, then you may want to consider visiting a psychic reader. He/she is trained to interpret it and can help you with this matter. You can be rest assured that if you hire the services of the right one, you can get your money’s worth.

Do you find this piece helpful? Do you have other signs that you want to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. Give us a shout at our comments page.

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