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Different Types of Tarot Card Readings

There are many tarot card techniques and ways of reading the cards. A one-card tarot reading involves thinking of a problem you want solved, or a question, and drawing a card from the deck to find the answer. One card tarot readings give you a concise answer focused on one particular issue. This makes it a great method for daily readings. You may have heard of a tarot card spread. This simply means the way selected cards are “spread” out on the table to be read. There are many different spreads including those with 3, 10, 20, and even more cards. Each tarot spread is a different way of reading the cards. If you’re planning on having a tarot reading it’s a good idea to learn a little about the various spreads, and what each one can be used for. No matter which spread your tarot reader chooses to use, you will still get answers to your questions. The tarot reader will choose the spread according to your question, your personality, or whether you’re looking for a short answer or in-depth insights.

The Most Popular Spreads Used in Tarot Readings

When you choose a tarot reader from our directory of mystics, you can discuss with them what you hope to get out of the reading, and which spread they plan to use. In most of these spreads, the first card is called the Significator, and this represents the premise for the entire reading. The tarot reader will refer to this card when interpreting the other cards.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross spread can be laid out in various patterns, but the most popular is a cross and column. The order in which the cards are placed on the Celtic Cross is not standardized, and this is a complex reading. Using this spread our tarot readers can shed light on the past, present, and future. The Celtic Cross lets tarot readers spot patterns of events or behavior that recur in your life. This spread is used to get specific details. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then have a tarot reading session with one of the skilled readers listed in our directory. 

Cross and Triangle

 A 9-card spread that can be interpreted on many levels and reveal insights into complex situations. It is used to explore questions about your life path, influences, forces opposing you, and energies you need to use. The Cross and Triangle will reassure you about the overall direction of your life.

Astrological Spread

There are many variations but this 13-card spread (which is also known as the 12-House Astrology Spread) is usually laid out in a circle. Each card represents one of the 12 zodiac signs or areas of a person’s life, plus there is a card for the final outcome. The cards can also be read with each one representing a month of the year. This spread gives a detailed reading and is not used for daily readings. Many people get an Astrology Spread in January to map out the rest of the year. This spread is best done by someone with knowledge in astrology and tarot reading. Browse through our directory and you’ll find many psychics with both skills.

Planetary Spread

This 9-card spread is an astrology-based reading, and great for queries. It can yield insights into matters concerning your home, business, skills, integrity, love life, finance, and conflicts you might be having.

Birthday Spread

Your tarot reader might use the birthday spread to help you plan how to reach your goals by your next birthday. The nine cards represent your present position, goals, that which empowers you, powers you need, your material self, emotional state, spiritual self, that which opposes you, and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Star Guide Spread

This 6-card spread is often used to explore a very specific question. The cards reveal information about your present situation, conflicts, obstacles facing you, your strengths, and the changes needed to meet challenges in the future. 

Tree of Life

This spread is second only to the Celtic Cross in popularity among our satisfied clients who have enjoyed tarot consultations from our site. The 10-card spread provides comprehensive insights into your current situation and offers possible solutions for the future. The cards represent the spiritual and physical aspects of the human psyche.

Love/Relationship Spread

Love/relationship spreads can be any number of cards. You can get a one-card love reading that gives you a general overview of your love life at the moment. A 3-card love tarot reading that deals with you, your partner, and the current status of your relationship. A 5-card relationship tarot reading that includes your past, present, and future love life. Or a compatibility love spread that looks at the status of a present relationship from all different angles. Other love/relationship spreads that use more cards and can focus on relationship decisions, heartbreak, and self-love. On our site, you’ll find tarot readers that specialize in readings for love, relationships, marriage, and finding your soulmate.

Past Life Spread

This tarot spread examines events or people in a past life that are influencing you in this life. In addition to tarot readers, we also list skilled mediums and psychics who can reveal events from your past lives.

Dream Exploration

Tarot cards can be used to uncover the meaning behind dreams. These readings can use any number of cards but the 5-card dream tarot reading and the 7-card reading are particularly popular for finding the messages in your dreams and how they connect to your waking life.

Mandala Spread

If your tarot reader uses the 9-card mandala spread, it is to explore your spiritual side. You can ask a question or get a general reading that addresses all spiritual aspects of your existence.

Tetractys Spread

The 10-card Tetractys spread is best for predicting future events. It provides a method for revealing the most likely outcome if you follow certain paths.


As the name implies this spread is in the shape of an upside-down U. There are seven cards in total. Your psychic might use this spread to look at the future and obstacles you face in the present. It gives a wide overview but each card indicates an aspect of your situation.

Three Card Spreads

A three-card spread is a method of seeing a quick and accurate picture of the situation and getting answers fast. There are many different three-card spreads but the most popular one offered by our psychics is the 3-card spread for a snap-shot of your past, present, and future. The first card reflects your past, the second, your present and the third card tells you about your future. This spread is all about the lessons you can learn from past experiences, how you can apply those lessons today, and how this will influence your opportunities and challenges in the future. A skilled tarot reader can interpret the cards individually and see how they relate to each other. The cards can also represent a situation, obstacle, and advice, or the mind, body, and spirit. But you must have a skilled tarot reader to get the full meaning behind the cards. Our psychic tarots are waiting for you now.

One-Card Pick of the Day Tarot Reading

The simplest form of tarot card reading is done with a single card. You can “pull” a single card to get answers to yes/no questions. This might be just what you need to get clarity about a particular problem or situation in your life. Use our daily tarot card reading feature to start your day. All you have to do is focus on the question you want to be answered, and looking at the tarot deck on the screen, see which card you feel drawn to. Then click, and read what the card says about you and your day.

Do you Have to be a Psychic to read Tarot Cards?

Yes, tarot card readers are psychics in as much as they need incredible intuitive powers to read the cards and the person getting the reading. We all possess psychic powers to some degree but these powers are not developed in everyone. Tarot readers use a combination of inherent talent and practical skills. They have to study tarot techniques and hone their psychic abilities. A tarot reader can connect with your energy and become a bridge between you and the spirit world.

Choosing a Tarot Reading

The psychic determines which spread to use and how they will place the cards based on their personal preference and how they read the person sitting opposite them. They also take into consideration the information you seek and which spread can best provide you with answers. With online tarot readings, you can choose between a one-card reading or a more comprehensive reading via real-time live chat. No matter which spread or tarot technique is used you will get answers. If you’re feeling lost, would like insight into a decision you need to make, or if you feel stuck in a rut, get a psychic tarot reading. If you need relationship advice, or you’re trying to make a career choice, get a reading. The cards can provide answers, so why not ask your questions now in an online tarot card reading.

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