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I am a Spiritual and Energy Psychic reader. I am capable to see into the most important and valuable matters of your Life. My favorite and admired fields of readings are Love and Relationship, Cheating and Affairs, Sex and Intimacy, Soulmate and Twin Flames, Single and Dating, Parents and Children, Breaking up and Divorce, Gay and Lesbian, Career and Finance, Palm and Picture Reading.
Everybody faces different challenges everyday in daily life. Of course, there are times when it is difficult to find the right guidance or path for success. Life becomes difficult then. Here you need a Psychic Reading. This is the quickest and easiest way to explore the unknown things and matters of your life.
Click on, ‘Get a personal Reading with Powerful Voice!’ I will help you to understand and sort out your problems and confusions. Thank you very much!


I am a Professional Psychic Reader and Advisor. I am a Certified Numerologist and Astrologer.


I am doing Psychic Reading and Coaching for people from the age of just 13. I have an experience and practice of Psychic Reading more than 15 years.

Location: Pakistan

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  1. 1


    I really appreciate your insight and feel that you are quite accurate and sincere. Speaking
    with you is quite helpful and helps me evaluate my situation. Unfortunately I feel that 3.00
    a minute is too much to pay for psychic advice. I have someone in Chicago that is very good
    and charges less. I am sorry that you raised your rates, but will watch to see if they come
    back down to 1.50 a minute. Warm regards to you, Aleister…

  2. 2


    Hi Aleister,

    Did you check her prices lastly? I am seeing her fee at 1.50 right now. If you see a higher price, contact POwerful Voice JIA using the email option and ask her if it is possible to reduce the price. You can chat/talk in a moment that she is less busy. Hope that helps…

    Have a brilliant day!

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