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The Ground Yourself Angel Card

The Reflection

When you detach from an awareness of your body and the physical world, you become ungrounded.  Although it’s pleasant to float heavenward, your attention and work are needed upon the earth.  We’re helping you to balance the spiritual and material so that you can enjoy a fulfilling earthly life.

The Image

Our beautiful angel balances on the seat of a glorious, flowering vine swing.  With a simple push, she can begin to feel the wind in her hair and know that it won’t be long until she feels airborne.  Her feet off of the ground, she will be temporarily unaware of the troubles and worries of the earth.  Her responsibilities seem to disappear.

Dressed in the blues of the sky and surrounded by the greens of the earth, this angel exemplifies our nature.  We are spiritual beings who have journeyed to an earthly plane.

Butterflies, fluttering around her skirt, remind us of the transformation that awaits each of us.  Seemingly trapped in our earth-cocoon, we long for the beauty and freedom of what awaits us when our time here at Earth School is complete.

At her feet, springing up around her, are gatherings of flowers.  Their beautiful, abundant blooms are a gentle reminder that the earth, too, holds its share of wonder and beauty.  We are gifted with a beauty that can be enjoyed even by our flesh-and-bones selves.

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The Message

“Or would you like to swing on a star?  Carry moonbeams home in a jar? Be better off than you are?”  Johnny Burke and James Van-Heusen had the right idea when they wrote, “Swingin’ on a Star.”

Who wouldn’t – and doesn’t! – appreciate the idea of a little star-swinging every now and again.  Riding on the bus, waiting in the grocery store check-out line or even when we least expect it, we find ourselves having drifted.  We’ve floated to a place of fantasy.

Nothing wrong with that!  As a matter of fact, that day-dream place is often where we most clearly focus and, because of just that, we are able to then manifest those hopes here on the earth plane.  Still, it’s not where the real soul work is done.  It’s a bit like skipping school.

It is believed that when we incarnate, we do so in an effort to perfect our souls.  To grow.  That earth is really a boot camp of sorts.  This is place where we are put through the ropes in an effort to learn from our previous mistakes and become closer to the Divine.

It is not uncommon that the reason for our floating has to do with wanting, if even for the briefest time, to escape the worries and cares; hurt and tears of our everyday earth lives.  A balanced life is a happy one.  I know:  Sounds trite.  The problem is that it’s also true!  It is when we lose balance, perspective and allow the cares – even if genuine – of the world to overwhelm us that we are most likely to seek that escape.  We naturally seek Home.

How do we know if we’ve become ungrounded?  Here’s a quick checklist.

You’ve misplaced your keys.  And your hat.  And your briefcase.  And your phone.  And … When you find yourself losing just about everything that isn’t nailed down, it’s time for grounding.

Feeling lightheaded and sort of ‘out of it’.  Is everyone having to repeat themselves?  Forgetting appointments?  Feeling as though things aren’t “registering”?  It’s tough to stay in the game when you’re anything but.

Squinting at lights and jumping at sounds.  It’s not the coffee.  Being ungrounded magnifies our senses.  Great for manifesting – pretty lousy for a business meeting.

Challenges with depth perception and feeling awkward.  Knocking over your cup of tea?  Catching your purse straps in the car door?  Tripping over the elevator threshold?  Grinding your front bumper on the parking space curb?  When we aren’t grounded, our spatial relations suffer.  We are far more likely to trip and fall or even have a car or bike accident.

inability to focusInability to focus.  Your GPS says turn left in one mile.  Uh-oh:  “Recalculating.”  Whether you are being given step-by-step instructions or having to read and re-read the same paragraph over and over, being ungrounded impacts our ability to focus and follow through with even the most simple of tasks.

Feeling physically drained.  Oversleeping?  Looking for the closest chair?  Sitting in the car for a few minutes before tackling the grocery shopping?  (Which you have already put off until you had only one egg, a few slices of stale bread and dubious milk left in the fridge.)  If you find yourself leaning against the wall or looking for the next available chair; if a simple walk across the room leaves you feeling exhausted to your core, not being grounded can be the reason.

When this angel presents herself to you in your reading, it’s a gentle nudge back to earth.  The nether-realm IS a nice place to visit and you DO want to live there … just not yet!  But how do you drag yourself back from your reverie?  How do you ground yourself?  Below are a few tips to not only bring you back to earth for all of the good reasons mentioned, but also to make the trip easier and even a bit more enjoyable.

Sea Salt.  Like all of earth’s natural elements, sea salt is a wonderful and super quick way for you to ground yourself.  I like to think of sea salt as one of the Great Balancers.  Just a half cup or so in your bath water, tossed in the corner of your shower or even rubbed gently on your feet or between the palms of your hands can do wonders almost instantly.  Sea salt draws negative energy and by its nature (no pun intended!) of being of the earth, you will find your energy centered and your mood more balanced.

 “Earthing.”The word alone brings to mind a clear image, right?  Clinton Ober must have been thinking so, too, when he named his new book just that.  In Earthing, Ober speaks to the importance of grounding ourselves by the common practice of walking barefoot or simply standing barefoot in the grass or soil.  Thirty minutes in nature and the energies that run through the planet re-tune and re-align us.  Just as Vitamin D strengthens our bodies, the vibrations of the earth reinforce our natural rhythm leaving us clear-headed and with a sense of peace.  It’s why so many find that camping or even sleeping outdoors to be so invigorating.  To a much lesser extent, even sleeping with the windows open often offers the best possible night’s rest.  If you live in an area where it’s not possible to walk barefoot, look into purchasing a Grounding Mat.

Smoky Quartz.  A lovely crystal, smoky quartz earns its name honestly.  Its color is a beautiful, haunting blend of grays and blacks and browns.  Available in every imaginable shape and size, smoky quartz is one of the crystals associated with the root chakra.  This first chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the chakra related to our physical well-being.  The chakra associated with being grounded.  Wearing a piece of smoky quartz jewelry or simply keeping a smoky quartz stone in your pocket, you will have help in staying grounded.

Whatever method you choose, you’ll find that it’s easier to ground with some help from the earth, itself.

The Reading

When this angel appears in your reading, she’s letting you know that you are spending a little too much time in the clouds.  It’s not a chastisement, but more a little push to inspire you to think about what is troubling you on the earth plane and making this extended escape so desirable.

Reflecting on the day-to-day issues that we face in Earth School can be daunting.  We can feel stuck and sad about the way things appear to be and even feel as though our dreams may never become our reality.

Particularly whenever the idea of grounding and facing life at ground zero more likely brings forth a moan rather than a cheer, try to think of it this way:  Staying in an “ungrounded state” would the equivalent of going to the mall, buying the most exquisite Something and having it shipped home and then never going back to the house to claim it!  Here is where all of your dreams manifest.  This is where, on the earth plane, you packages are received.

Staying grounded can be hard work.  The message of this angel card is an acknowledgment of the work that we’re doing; an appreciation of our need to every once-in-awhile escape; and the encouragement to do our best to stay grounded.  It promises to be worth it!

The Stay Grounded Angel Card is selected from Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from your Angels deck.
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