How Past Life Astrology Can Uncover Another Life

How Past Life Astrology Can Uncover Another Life?

Have you ever thought about how your soul’s previous life has or will impact your karma in this current life?

If so, you’ll be interested to get a better sense of past life astrology. Your horoscope can answer your questions about your future and spiritual purpose.

The immortal soul, otherwise known as Atman, is compelled to move between bodies in the cycle of death and birth, Samsara. It is said that at the close of each of our past lives when reincarnation takes place, each person’s Atman has to compensate for actions in these past lives in order to receive salvation.

How can past life astrology uncover another life? Take a read of this article and find out more about how the readings work.

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How Does Past Life Astrology Influence A Person’s Life?

An astrologer can predict the future of an individual based on the position of planets in their birth chart/ natal chart. They can produce once informed of the time of birth. You can read these charts online, but a chart produced by an astrological expert will be much more specific. An expert will be able to make a better connection between the planets and your time and location of birth.

Each planet is said to signify certain areas of the body and the characteristics that can be associated with them:

  • Sun – Signifies energy, light and abundance, which gives us success in life.
  • Saturn – The planet of justice; gives us the results of our karmas. Saturn is also responsible for lifespan and in a Kundli (state of the planets) the 8th house decides a person’s longevity.
  • Mercury – Wisdom, brain and intelligence. This planet helps to guide an individual in decision-making.
  • Moon – Signifies mental strength and coolness.
  • Venus – The sign of comfort, love and luxury; if a person has a positive placement of Venus in their natal chart, it is said that they will enjoy all comforts and luxury in life.
  • Jupiter (positive planet) – Impacts marriage, love and the bond between spouses.
  • Mars – The planet of action, energy and desire.

Each planet has such an impact on our personal lives. It’s also worth knowing that a horoscope can help us to resolve negative karmic patterns. This is with the power to bring hope in hopeless situations.

How To Understand The Astrological Houses In Past Life Astrology?

In order to prepare properly for a past life reading, you need to understand what the houses mean and how they are applied through past life astrology…

The simplest method is to find out your “rising sign”, also known as the “ascendant”. For example, if you’re an Aries, this suggests that your ascendant is Pisces.

It’s important to remember that your personal horoscope is split into 12 segments, which are called houses. They go from the “first house” all the way up to the “twelfth house” and each has a different representation.

What each of the houses represents…

The individual houses are ruled by a zodiac sign and each represents a factor of life. Whether it’s personality, family, work, and karma from a past life.

The first house of your horoscope will tell you your ascendant, which in turn outlines your personality and who you are in this life.

To begin an analysis of your past lives and karmic cycle, visualize that you’re rotating your horoscope wheel down by one sign, making the twelfth house the first house. This will help you to understand what issues you will benefit from working on during this present life.

Applying Past Life Astrology To Your Star Sign

The example of a person with Aries as their star sign, with their past life connected to Pisces. A past life analysis of this person suggests that in a previous life, they were spiritual.

Their rising sign suggests that they are ready to embark on a new beginning. They learn to live freely and independently whilst avoiding selfishness. Their karma is to avoid being a victim, and in a past life, this person was potentially a poet, mystic, healer or even someone who was imprisoned!

Choosing the right astrology session for you

When it comes to understanding past life astrology, it is important to make sure you find the right reader for you.

They will help give you the right advice and guidance once you understand how the houses work and are applied through the planetary systems. You should go with a reader that you feel you have an immediate connection with.

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Does Astrology Really Tell Your Future, Though?

Many of us are hesitant to believe that past lives are even a thing… Let alone that a previous birth, karmic cycle or past life may be an important determiner of an individual’s fate, purpose or present life. The reason for this is that hard evidence is lacking – there’s no scientific proof to enable us to understand astrology.

Some scientists have found that those who don’t know anything about their zodiac sign fail to match their predictions.

This could be interpreted that those of us who are aware of our birth chart and read our horoscopes and predictions, simply comply with what we believe to be true.

Does Birth Month Influence Your Future?

Some research suggests that your birth month can predict some aspects of your fate. For instance, children born at the end of the school year typically perform slightly worse than those at the beginning; however, this does have a tendency to fluctuate.

It has also been suggested that those born in autumn tend to live longer as opposed to those, for example, who was born in March.

Several unofficial sources claim that your birth season can influence your eyesight. According to them, people born in summer are less susceptible to allergies, while winter babies are least likely to be highly short-sighted.

How A Past Life Reading Is Used To Predict Your Future?

Past Life Astrology is a great way to find out how your star sign aligns with what may have been in a past life. They will take your birth date and use this as a way to uncover what it means for you.

Sometimes, a relationship we had in our past life reappears in this life. When a lesson is not learned, when the relationship began, continued, and ended in an unhealthy way, the two souls want to get together again and restart the process.

Life regression, along with many other treatments, can help release you from any past life issues on health, and any unlearned lessons can really bother the soul. Sometimes the love experienced is so big that it transcends centuries.

If you are interested in finding out more about past life readings, you can reach out to our psychics. They will be able to guide you in the right direction. At Best Psychics Club, we try to provide a wide range of psychics to choose from.

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