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How To Find Your Own Psychic Abilities

Ever longed to have the ability to look into the future? It might just be more possible than you believe.

Having psychic abilities comes with its fair share of stereotypes – but regardless of the information that’s out there, you don’t have to own a crystal ball or drape garish shawls all over your bedroom to be able to predict the unknown.

If you’re looking to find your own psychic abilities, whether you have an inkling you may be psychic or you’re a complete newbie to the spiritual practice, this guide will help you along the way.

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How To Define Psychic Abilities?

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First off, we all have our own psychic abilities in some form or another… Whether we’ve tapped into them or not. Even something as small as “gut instinct” – having an unexplainable gut feeling that something is going to happen – can be considered a psychic ability.

Being psychic is not about exaggerating the truth and conning people out of their money (though you will find plenty of “psychics” in the entertainment industry who will do just that). A good way to define psychic abilities is to look at a very basic level at the characteristics of somebody who’s in touch with their intuitive nature, like our psychic mediums.

What Can A Psychic Sense?

Simply put, a psychic is somebody who can see, feel a sense, or even hear in a way that’s considered beyond the norm – beyond what’s considered typical in the world we live in today. Being psychic means being able to process the information on a deeply spiritual level. When you have psychic abilities, you have intuition beyond what most other people have (or, at least, what they think they have).

Many people never discover their psychic ability at all. For others, it takes a particular moment in life – or perhaps a dream – that makes them realize they have a talent in clairvoyance that might be considered unusual, supernatural even.

Commonly, psychics discover their intuitive gift during childhood. This gift may have passed down from others or simply cultivated from events or experiences.

The average person may lose their ability as a psychic with age. Some of the energy that children sense, see and feel is lost in adulthood. But if you feel that has happened to you, don’t be disheartened – you can still tap into your psychic nature in your adult life.

How To Search For Your Own Psychic Gift

There are many ways that you can search for your own intuitive gifts on a daily basis. The list below highlights the best methods to get in touch with your mind and body in this sense:

Create a relationship with your intuition

Being aware of your intuition is the beginning step towards becoming a fully-fledged psychic. To become more aware of your emotions, a great method is to assign colours to each of them. With plenty of practice, this new associative mannerism will become automatic, and within your body, these colours will fuse with energies that you’ll be able to see around you.

As a simple example, if a friend is making a sign that they like somebody on a romantic level, you will perhaps automatically visualize the colour pink.

Connect with your subconscious

We’ve all heard stories of the people who spent years trying to access their subconscious. More often than not, these stories result in a new awakening for the subjects. Most of us don’t get the chance to try an experience with the subconscious mind, let alone cultivate a relationship with it.

But you don’t need to be awake to start tapping into your subconscious. Simply being aware of your dreams, reading them when you wake, and writing in a dream journal every day will help you to start making connections between the waking world and the sleeping world.


Meditation, as well, will help you to tap into your subconscious. Get into the habit of practising meditation on a daily basis and let your thoughts come and go in whatever order they choose.

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Signs That You May Be Psychic

It’s very tricky to give one overall description for clairvoyance. Many different factors can make somebody psychic, from intuition to being in touch with the spiritual world, feeling as if you have additional senses, reading things that should be impossible to read, or simply being aware of an energy that nobody else seems able to notice.

But if you’re keen to understand what makes somebody psychic, and you’re wondering if you possess psychic intuition or ability of your own, check out the list below for what to look out for:

  • Clairvoyance

First and foremost, as a clairvoyant medium, you will have an extrasensory perception that will allow you to “see” things that others can’t. In your mind, you’ll be able to tap into your clairvoyant abilities and experience different “visions” that provide information about a particular person, object or situation. You might not yet have the ability to control the things you see in your mind, but that skill can be honed over time.

  • Clairaudience

A psychic’s powers aren’t always about the ability to see, and though the best psychics might be able to see, hear and feel all at once, many have a single ability: clairaudience. This is the ability to contact the spirit realm and receive messages through your hearing sense. Some psychics describe this gift as being in tune with multiple radio stations, while some experience clairaudience on one-off occasions.

  • Clairsentience

If you consider yourself an empath, you might already have the clairsentience ability. Clairsentience simply means “clear-feeling”, and refers to being in touch with your senses as people are not.

You might be able to read the feelings and emotions of a friend, or perhaps a stranger, without talking to them or properly looking at them.

You’ll be great at reading situations around you, and your body will react intuitively. Clairsentience refers to your “gut feeling” – the inexplicable signs we receive, either positive or negative, about future events or something that’s happening in the present.

  • Clairtangency

Clairtangency is what many people think of when they think of “fortune-tellers”: the ability to receive a message at any time by simply touching an object and tuning in to what is being said. Those with the best gifts in this realm should be skilled in reading an object and automatically knowing who owned it and what they want to communicate from the past.

It’s unlikely that you’ll have all of these gifts at once – or, at least, you probably don’t know of them yet. If you’re new on your search to discovering your own intuitive powers, or you simply like the idea of being able to see beyond the realm of the norm, you can perhaps only recognize one of these gifts in yourself, to begin with.

What You May Find Once You Discover Your Own Psychic Potential

When you discover your own intuitive abilities, you will probably feel as if you’ve experienced an awakening. But it won’t be surprising – you’ll likely have the impression that your discovery was fated, or “in the stars”. It will perhaps take a while to get used to your new gift, and learning how to tune in and out at your own will should help you to regain control.

Articles like this are a great place to start if you’re in search of new abilities within yourself, and there are plenty of other free resources that will prove useful.

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But don’t stop your search there! Take a look online for reading materials that can help you to get past the first hurdle: believing yourself capable. You must open yourself up to the things you wish to learn. Young or old, simply being certain of your abilities will bode you well if you’re serious about learning the art of intuition.

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