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We’ve gathered together a selection of the best Indian horoscopes online and some information to help you understand how Hindu horoscopes work. There are many similarities and differences between western horoscopes and Indian horoscopes. So it’s up to you which you prefer to use. 

An Indian horoscope reading is based on the Vedas belief that the stars and planets play an important role in our lives. Your Indian horoscope will be different from your western sign because in Indian astrology there is a 23-day gap between the Indian moon signs and the western sun signs. So your western sun sign might be Aries, whereas your Indian horoscope sign would be Pisces! Sound complicated? We’ve explained it all in easy-to-understand language throughout our website. 

According to Indian horoscopes, there are 12 moon signs, most of them have similar names to the 12 western zodiac signs. Are you curious to find out your Indian horoscope? It’s easy, just keep reading for more information or jump right in with an Indian horoscope online. 

On our website, you can find a directory of the best online Indian horoscope readers, and they’re available now for accurate readings.

How Accurate are Indian Horoscopes?

If you’re looking for an accurate Indian birth chart (Kundli) reading, you’ve come to the right place. Indian horoscopes are thought to be even more accurate than Western horoscopes. Vedic astrology is more complex than Western astrology, and it is based on more accurate astronomical principles. Western astrology relies on the movement and position of the Sun. Indian horoscopes are based on the Moon which changes its sign every 2.25 days, so it can accurately predict our changing circumstances and moods. But the best way to get a balanced astrology prediction is to look at both your Western and Indian horoscope. Your Western horoscope can tell you more about your personality, psychology, and character. And Indian horoscopes tend to give a more detail-oriented, precise reading of all areas of your life.

What Does My Indian Horoscope Say About Me?

Although each Indian horoscope reading is individual, here is a general idea of your Indian zodiac and what it says about you.

Zodiac / Dates / Symbol / Element / Planet Stone

Mesh     14 April – 15 May  Ram Fire Mars Diamond

You display leadership qualities, have fierce energy, bravery, and ambition. You can be stubborn at times and tend to follow your heart.

Vrishabh    15 May – 15 June Bull Earth Venus Emerald

You are a friendly, patient person but when provoked can become wild with rage. You’re conservative, love domestic comforts, and stability.

Mithun        15 June – 16 July Twins Air Mercury Aquamarine

Your versatile, imaginative nature goes with your effective personality and inquisitive mind.

Karka         16 July – 17 August Crab Water Moon Moonstone

You want to nurture. You’re sensitive, introverted, sympathetic, and conservative.

Simha        17 August – 17 Sept Lion Fire Sun Peridot

A born leader, you’re charismatic, proud, strong, sure of yourself, and you get along with everyone.

Kanya        17 Sept – 17 Oct Virgin Earth Mercury Sapphire

Although you’re shy and sensitive, you have a sharp brain, and you’re observant, sensible, patient, and logical.

Tula       17 Oct – 16 Nov Scales Air Venus Opal

You’re ruled by an urge towards balance and harmony. You’re sensitive, logical, principled, perceptive, and charming.

Vrishchika 16 Nov – 16 Dec Scorpio Water Mars Topaz,

You have a resilient nature, and you’re trustworthy, sincere, honest, and courageous.

Dhanush    16 Dec – 14 Jan Archer Fire Jupiter Turquoise

Generally, you have a positive outlook, you’re enthusiastic, happy, lucky, independent, and enterprising with an urge to improve the world.

Makar         14 Jan – 13 Feb Goat Earth Saturn Garnet

You can be relied on, you’re stable, serious, and hold yourself to high standards. You’re always striving to achieve more.

Kumbh       13 Feb – 14 March Water Pot Air Saturn Amethyst

You have a passion for freedom. You’re honest, quick-witted, faithful, and often religious. You may seem mysterious and you love trying to solve life’s mysteries.

Meena  14 March – 14 April Fish Water Jupiter Bloodstone

You don’t like working hard and you’re a pleasure seeker. You easily trust others, you’re emotional, versatile, meticulous, and prefer to live a simple life.

Indian Horoscopes for Marriage

Choosing a partner for life is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. That’s why many people consult with an Indian astrologer to get clues about who their future partner will be and when they will meet. By looking at a person’s birth chart, an astrologer can get insights into the person’s life events, including their relationships. He can tell you your prospects for marriage, the zodiac of the perfect partner, and the ideal time to wed.

Indian astrology can predict an auspicious wedding date for a successful marriage using the birth dates of the bride and groom. A skilled Indian horoscope reader can give you predictions about your life partner’s appearance, profession, financial status, and location. And if you have a prospective partner, you can ask one of our Indian horoscope readers to compare your birth charts and tell you if you are compatible.

 Indian Horoscopes for a New Baby

Early Vedic beliefs held that a child’s horoscope should not be read until he is 12 years old. Until then they remain protected by nature. But in some circumstances, we can get useful insights into a newborn’s life with a horoscope reading. One of our Indian horoscope readers can prepare a baby birth horoscope for your newborn. With knowledge of what the future holds, the parents can plan a course of action according to the challenges revealed by the horoscope. If you are looking for help choosing a meaningful name for your newborn, a skilled astrologer can consider the child’s birth date, time, and place to give you the initials of the name that would lead them to a successful life.

From a newborn baby horoscope you can discover:

  • Your child’s character
  • Initials of his name
  • How he/she will live their life
  • What will be their status in life
  • Personal preferences, attributes, and native personality traits
  • The baby’s lucky number, color, and gemstone
  • The diseases the baby might be vulnerable to
  • The Paya (where the Moon is placed on the birth chart) indicating struggles and comforts the child will face in life

Get an Indian Horoscope Online

We list some of the best online Indian astrologers who are on call, to give you an accurate, and insightful reading, whenever you’re ready. Vedic astrology and Western astrology can go hand-in-hand to give you a balanced view of your past, present, and future. So, even if you are a strong believer in Western astrology, Indian horoscopes could add another dimension. Whether you are familiar with Indian horoscopes, or you want to try them for the first time, we offer the best Indian horoscopes online.

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