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Best Psychics in Ireland

Looking for the best psychics in Ireland? Look no further.

We work with the very best expert psychics in Ireland to give you the best possible psychic advice.

Seeking answers about your life? Want to find out about your relationships?

We at Best Psychics Club have put together a list of the best psychics based in Ireland that you can get in touch with today.

Check Out Our List of Psychics in Ireland

We work with some of the very best psychics to come out of Ireland. They are based all over Northern and Southern Ireland so you can be sure that you are getting a reading from someone that is local.

  • Freddie V first noticed his psychic skills when he was a small child. He'd intuitively know why people were upset or what happened.
  • Freddie V developed his psychic skills by learning to read Tarot cards and use the pendulum.
  • Freddie helps people find a goal, an objective and a clear purpose in life, uplifting their confidence and self-esteem, and following up with them to make sure they are on track.

  • Johanna discovered his psychic powers after she began having intense dreams about people and places.
  • Johanna believes she’s got all the necessary experience required for an expert psychic advisor. Whether you contact her on the telephone or set up a face-to-face meeting, she can guide you in any area of your life.
  • She believes that a psychic reading provides a path to the individual but it's up to the individual to walk the path - with their free will.

  • Starlinda’s mother gave her a Tarot deck as a gift when she was young - immediately Starlinda realized she could read the cards very well.
  • She has now been doing readings for more than 10 years, helping people in the areas of love, home and work, by using Tarot cards, Angel cards and the pendulum.

Psychics in Ireland by Location

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