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The Law Of Attraction Angel Card

The Reflection

Each thought is an investment that pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely.  You have the power to choose your thoughts and align them with love, peace and harmony.  At your request, we will gladly attune your energies to higher frequencies.

The Image

Ever gently cradling a fawn, our angel stands in the midst of a beautiful forest.  Resting lazily at her feet are a variety of woodland creatures –and a few unexpected species!  As our eyes adjust and we look deeper into the forest, hidden among the trees and within the thicket we can find a whole host of furry and feathered and all-things-in-between friends.  They are drawn to the love that she exudes and embodies.  They are attracted by and drawn to her peace.

Our beautiful angel’s sparkling golden wings and shimmering halo allow us a glimpse into what a higher energy vibration may look like.  It is often said that the halos depicted in religious art represent just that – a finely and highly attuned energy.  This angel is in a Place of harmony and purpose.  Without fear within her, she has attracted creatures that see her as friend rather than foe – and then see each other in the same way.  She embodies acceptance of all.

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The Message

I attract to my life

I know you can remember it like it was yesterday.  You haven’t done your homework and now the teacher is calling for answers.  You begin your silent plea:  Don’t call on me don’t call on me oh please don’t call on me … and then you hear it.  “Julianna?  What answer did you get for number four?”

The Law of Attraction at work.  While I may not have known about it in the fifth grade it surely knew about me!

When this angel appears as part of your reading, you are reminded – sternly! – of the Law of Attraction and how it is playing its part in the question you are asking or the situation being addressed.  She is reminding us How Things Work!

Like Attracts Like.  Put forth energy of love and peace and you will be amazed by the peaceful, loving people who come into your life.  Whether it’s your partner or the drugstore cashier, you will soon find that what you give, you get.  Be calm, be loving, be accepting and non-judgmental.  Make it your goal to walk the planet with a sense of ease and you will soon find yourself surrounded by those who share your goal of personal balance.

Don’t believe it?  Try spending some time with young children when you’re feeling tense.  Even the best-behaved will turn into veritable monsters right before your eyes.  Approach the visit with a warm heart and quiet balance and you’ll have entirely different experience.  (So will they!)

You Get What You Expect.  A fancy way, I suppose, of addressing the concept of Manifesting.  “I want …” will get you to a place where you Want.  “I have …” sends the energy of trust.  Manifest “as if” you already have what you want.  Faith is key.  Trust that what you want will come to you.

Be Specific.  Imagine like a child.  Fill in every detail.  Don’t manifest “a house.”  Manifest a two-story colonial with white siding and black shutters and a red door.  Fill the rooms with furniture in blues and greens and grays.  Choose your refrigerator and stock it.  Oh, go ahead and add a pool.  Why?  Because imagination requires focus and focus tunes energy.  If your mind wanders, not only let it but pay attention to where it goes.  Lucid dreaming, as it’s sometimes called, is present when our vibrational tuning elevates.  (That’s a good thing!)

Be genuine.  God hears the prayers of your heart.  How many times have you heard that beautiful promise?  If your heart is aching for a reconciliation with your estranged sibling and you are manifesting a shiny new gas grill with quadruple burners …  Well, we can never say it too often:  God hears the prayers of your heart.

Lose the Regrets.  Nothing traps us like our past.  While our angel is beautifully still, she is not stuck.  She can – and will – step forward as and when she wishes.  Like our angel, embrace the power that you have within you to take control of where you are headed.  It is said, and accurately so, that the wake doesn’t drive the boat.  Take a deep breath and ask the angels to help you face forward.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts.  Not only will that help you to focus and manifest what you are hoping for but it also gives you a beautiful window into what kind of thoughts may well have brought you to where you are.  Good or not so good!  In or crazy, hectic worlds it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the needs and actions of others.  Rarely do we have the luxury of truly going within and not only really feeling but contemplating, too.  Who am I?  How did I get where I am?  Who do I want to be; where do I want to go; what legacy do I want to leave.  The angels are our guides.  They were with us at birth and their pure joy is to help and guide us.  Never hesitate to call on them to help you as you struggle, as do we all, for insight.

Look Around and Run.  Are you surrounded by negative people?  Chronic complainers and those even understandably unhappy with their current situations (but doing not much if anything to change their courses) vibrate at a lower energy level.  They’ll tune you to their frequency sooner and easier than you may think!  There’s a reason why we use the word “toxic” when we speak of those kinds of relationships – romantic or otherwise.  When the negative conversation or behavior begins, imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful white, protective light.  Then ask your angels to rush to your aid and protect you from their negativity.  Don’t be surprised if the crowd disperses pretty quickly.

Clean Your Slate.  Just like the dry-erase boards that we’re all familiar with, it’s not enough just to erase what we have written on the slates of our minds and hearts.  The outlines, the shadows of those words, those proclamations, remain.  Time to call in the angels with their solvent to permanently eradicate what has been written there.  They will make gone forever the words and feelings written on our hearts and in our minds with the pen of hurt and fear and anger and sadness.  Angelic healing comes with a gentle touch and with wisdom.

You are Deserving.  “I could never get that job!”  Yes you can.  “I’ll never meet the right partner who will love me unconditionally.”  Yes you will.  “I can never get out from under this mountain of debt.”  Yes you can.  You are as deserving of peace and balance and happiness as anyone.  Whatever others may have said about you or to you — You are as deserving of peace and balance and joy as anyone.  Whatever others may have said about you or to you – you deserve success and happiness.

Finally, our angel encourages us to …

Let Go and Let God.  I’m reminded of the small child who hits a bump and falls from his tricycle, toppling onto the pavement.  There’s a pause and then a scream and then the tears as he clasps his little hands tightly over his skinned knee.  No way is he going to show it to Mom or Dad.  It hurts it hurts it hurts.  As adults, we know that only by letting go and allowing our wounds to be shown can they be healed.  It is the same with the Law of Attraction.  Live to attract what you desire … but let go.  Unclasp your hands.  Let yourself be given all that you deserve and more.  Let yourself be healed.

The Reading

Often times when we enter an angel card reading the card drawn doesn’t seem to give us the exact answer we were looking for.  Angel readings are rarely yes/no answers.  Like the glorious beings themselves, angel readings tend to encourage us to open our hearts and minds to messages that will inspire and lead us to our truth.  Always delivered with care and love, the angels tell us not only what we want to hear but what we need to hear to ultimately get us to where we want to be.

Never is this truer than with the Law of Attraction card.  Until we know where we are, we can’t possibly get to where we want to be.  If this card is drawn in your reading, you are truly blessed.  The angels are there to guide you and show you the way to your dreams!

The Law of Attraction Angel Card is selected from Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance deck.

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