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All living creatures have a connection with the spirit world and can benefit from a psychic reading. An animal psychic can telepathically communicate with your pet to find out what he is feeling or thinking. Just like humans, our furry friends have needs and desires, but they sometimes find it difficult to let their pet parents know. 

Pet psychics can read an animal’s thoughts and emotions and tune into their energy. They can translate your pet’s thoughts into words. Pet owners seek out pet communicators for various reasons. Sometimes their pet has been behaving differently, or rejecting his food, looking depressed, or missing someone they love. 

With the help of a pet psychic reading, you can discover what your fur baby has been trying to tell you. Some pet psychics can communicate with pets that have passed. They bring messages from beyond the grave, so you can once again talk to your deceased pet. Whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or other loved furry member of the family, an online pet psychic can give you a glimpse into what your pet is thinking and feeling. 

Your pet deserves the best, and that’s why we’ve created a list of the top online pet psychics for you to choose from. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, and get to know your pet even more than you do already.

How do Pet Psychics Communicate with Animals?

Animal Psychics use a silent telepathic connection that relies on deep intuition. The idea is that all living beings are connected by a network of energy waves. Some people are more sensitive to these energy waves and can focus on the energies of a particular entity and pick up on its emotions, feelings, and thoughts. You could say they tune into the pet’s energy. Other pet psychics describe their method as a connection with the animal’s aura which exists in an electromagnetic form. When an animal whisperer wants to connect with a pet they often ask for the pet’s name or a photo of the pet. This helps them locate the pet’s energy. Pet communicators have a born gift, but they also train, and study their art in order to perfect it.

Do I need a Pet Psychic or a Pet Psychic Medium?

Not all pet psychics will offer to connect you with a pet that has passed over. To do this they need to act as pet mediums for deceased pets and connect with the spirit world rather than a living animal. This requires a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that not all psychics possess. When you find a pet psychic in our directory, make sure they provide the service you are looking for. You can check their profile and see if they call themselves a pet medium or pet psychic. A medium can act as a bridge between our physical world and the spiritual world. They connect with the energy of your deceased pet and can pass messages between you and your beloved deceased pet. If you want to communicate with your deceased dog or a cat that has passed, then you need a pet psychic medium. But if you want to communicate with your living pet, or find a lost pet, you can use a pet psychic.

How Can a Pet Psychic Connect with My Pet Long Distance in an Online Reading?

You don’t need to be in the same room as a psychic pet communicator to get a reading for your fur baby. Many excellent pet psychics offer readings over the phone or on the Internet. You can find a list of pet psychics in our directory of mystic services. These gifted animal intuitive psychics can relay messages telepathically between you and your pet, even over the Internet. Online pet readings can be done without your pet being present if you can provide your pet’s name and a photo. Online pet psychics use energy to connect with animals no matter how far away they are. The online dog psychic or cat psychic clears their mind, relaxes, and concentrates on connecting with your pet’s energy. They will often visualize the pet (that’s why a photo helps), and repeat the cat or dog’s name. Once they have connected on a spiritual level with your pet, the psychic will ask the animal questions, either with words or images. They then wait for the pet to respond, which can be in images or words. If you want the pet psychic to deliver a message to your pet they can do that as well, through telepathy. For example, if you want to correct your dog’s undesirable behavior, the online pet psychic will communicate in images or words the desired behavior. Some online pet whisperers can “scan” your pet and reveal pain points or areas of disease. They can then transmit positive, healing energy to that area. 

It’s Time to Really Get to Know Your Pet

There are many reasons for using an online animal intuitive:

  • Find a lost cat or dog
  • Check your pet is healthy
  • Ask if there is anything your dog or cat wants to tell you
  • Communicate with your pet through a pet psychic
  • Explain something to your dog or cat
  • Correct your pet’s undesirable behavior 
  • Find out why your pet has been acting in a certain way
  • Communicate with a pet that has passed away


These are just some of the reasons you might want to use the services of an online pet communicator. Sometimes it is just to see if your cat or dog is alright or to connect on another level. We list the best online pet psychics available from around the world. When you select one of our psychics for pets you can use the first free three minutes to check that they provide the service you are looking for. If they suit you then continue with the reading. Otherwise try a different pet medium or psychic until you are happy with your choice. Each time you try a new psychic you will get another free three minutes. So you have nothing to lose. Do your pet a favor and give him/her the gift of communication with his/her parent.

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