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Feedback from online psychic advisors whose clients use psychic chat on tablet:

“I have several clients who use their tablets when they connect with me. They say it’s now become easier to use Kasamba and to reach me. In the old days they needed a desktop with internet, but now they can use their tablet from wherever. It’s also a lot of fun, they told me!
I haven’t heard any complaints yet, but they like the fact that they can access me right before a job interview or a date. It’s like now I’m with them all the time.
If I hear more feedback, I’ll pass it on.”


“It was time for leading psychic websites to switch to the mobile and tablet technology. I am super happy to hear that now our clients can reach us anytime anywhere. Love it!”


“The technology allows me to see who’s contacting me via desktop, and who’s contacting me via mobile or tablet. This is super helpful because then I know what my client expects, or why they type slower or faster. I can meet their expectations and be there for them instantly.”

“A client yesterday told me he loves this new technology. That it was amazing to know he had access to his favorite psychics, including me, all the time.”



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    They reimbursed me the 33%! How nice and no trouble getting them to do so!

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    I love that I can go online and do psychic chat on any of my devices. I don’t have to wait till I go back home to ask my questions. Thanks you for working to improve things for everyone!

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    Thank you very much, this is a very kind offer. I have referred 12 others now. I really like Kasamba, wonderful easy to use most gracious psychics (most of them)

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    Get 50% off for you new users

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    i have started using kasamba recently and have found utmost comfort in talking to the psychics available on the platform. Because it was my first time availing online psychic services, i did check a couple of sites. Although my experience was d best with Kasamba. According to me, following services makes Kasamba stand out in comparison with other online psychic services

    1. User friendly interface

    2. Various options available to contact the adviser – Usually all the sites provide Call option. Chat and contacting through mail option is rarely available. Since its an international platform, the accents of language may vary and might also cause difference in understanding or pro long the conversation just cause of language barrier. Here, Chat option solves everything since English is universally written in the same way. I personally prefer Chat Option much more than the Call option.

    3. Follow Up – Most of the other sites do not even provide an option to send an email to the adviser. But Kasamba does and it helps the customer to follow up with the adviser. On other sites, if you have to follow up with the adviser, you have to call up the adviser again that costs you again

    4. I really liked the feature of sending your query through mail to which various psychics reply. That reply helps a lot in deciding which psychic might have a stronger connection with you. Atleast, it helped me a lot while taking this decision and then there are first 3 min free.

    Although i have encountered 2-3 psychics whom i contacted and they refused to answer my query because it was the free 3 min period. They told me to hire them first and then only will they answer me. This is not right i believe as per the service offered. But again this did not happen with all.

    I did have some concerns but those were sorted out. However, i would like to suggest if you can include an option to edit the payment details along with removing the details as well. This is not currently available. Also, the customer service department takes time to reply. if possible, please try to reduce the turn around time. This is where Kasamba lacks in comparison to other sites . They have a faster turn around time

    Thank you for the $100 credit that you have offered.

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    Kelly Clover

    I have been unable to use most psychics because of totally false information furnished by Skype SIP Trunking regarding my phone number. Many businesses believed falsely that my phone number 325 -939-7114 was either invalid or had a caller Id block placed on it. Neither is correct but most psychic outfits use Skype SIP Trunking and are getting all this false information from them. I have had this phone number for over a year and I have never requested or paid for a caller ID block. But I’m getting screened out by nearly all businesses of your type because of the false information they are getting thru Skype SIP Trunking regarding my phone number.

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    Hi Kelly,
    This is the first time that I hear from Skype SIP Trunking, can you please name the psychics that are using this false information to get you screened.


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    need to talk loved one . PSYCHICS WHO SPEAKS HINDI LANGUAGE

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