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How to Trust that the Universe Supports You

A funny meme has been going around on social media, one where “the floor” says, “If you fall, I’ll always be there for you!” The humor in it might sound cynical to some but not a single one of us can refute the truth in that statement. No matter what, the floor will always be there, period.

Initially, the meme made me work hard to find exceptions to this rule – what if you fall into an ocean? What if there’s an earthquake? A volcano spilling lava? I came up with extreme scenarios just to prove to my restless mind that there are times when the floor is just not there. But no matter what, it is – under the water in the ocean, between the cracks in post-earthquake rubble, down under the magma. It’s just always there and with the force of gravity, we have nowhere else to fall on but the floor.

What most of us don’t realize, in the middle of our hectic lives and stressful days, is that the Universe is also there for us if we were to ever fall – physically or metaphorically. And that even before we fall, it holds us, sustains us, and wants us to not just survive but thrive. It wants to stand tall and be our own full self.

Thanks to television and social media, I have seen this happen for people with challenges and/or special needs. A person on a wheelchair skiing better than those whose legs still function, a blind person writing mesmerizing literature, a deaf person composing songs. It seems easy to despair under such circumstances, but people have an amazing ability to adapt and to continue to thrive.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where many of us don’t appreciate what we have. We look at the super rich, super famous, super beautiful, and criticize ourselves harshly for not being a super-something. We lose meaning. We lose touch with the universe.

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Sometimes you need to get out of the way

To have a fulfilling life one doesn’t need to be famous. One doesn’t have to have a huge impact. The small things we do on a daily basis define who we are much more than that one big accomplishment we may or may not achieve at some point during our life. Remember, “ordinary” doesn’t mean “mediocre.”

Being ordinary can be extremely freeing. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Like a flower blooming for the sake of blooming, you bloom, trusting that the Sun will rise, that there’ll be water, that you’ll have energy, and you’ll be able to make photosynthesis and enjoy your food. The next flower might have a brighter color, but you don’t care. You’re here to enjoy this beautiful day and be your own pale-colored self.

As people, we seem to horribly fail at this. Instead of enjoying the Sun and the water and all that life has bestowed on us, we go to great lengths to get approval from others. We incessantly compare ourselves to others. We continually feel like we are not good enough, rich enough, successful enough, bright enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, or whatever-it-is enough. When we do this, what we are essentially doing is cutting the life force, the life energy that’s coming to us from the universe. Our mind transforms these energies into a criticism machine, and we feel tired. Who can thrive under such incessant inner attacks? The solar rays of the universe can’t reach us.

The flower never worries about blooming. With humans, worries about survival comes in due to our conditioning. If in early childhood or even in babyhood you experienced poverty, an unstable environment, emotionally distant parents, unavailable parents due to hard work or other factors, you might have so deeply internalized such experiences into a subconscious fear of survival.

Now it’s only natural that you can’t allow the universe to give to you what you need and more. You don’t have the early experience of receiving enough; you don’t have the subconscious template. But today we know enough about human psychology to be able to help change our templates.

Allowing the universe to guide you

“Dear universe, please help me,” you begged in your tiny baby soul. Your primary caregiver’s absence, coldness, or rejection led to a terrorized state – “will I survive?” You parents were the whole universe for you – you’ve internalized the way they treated you and today when you look at the universe or God, chances are you are projecting onto God and the Universe what you learned when you were a baby who wanted so badly to survive.

Whatever it is you’re looking for: ways to attract better people into your life, how to change your life for the better, allowing support to come to your life – all can be seamlessly achieved if only you can let it happen. You are not a baby or a little child anymore – what you learned form your parents doesn’t hold true anymore. The universe is much bigger and stronger than the people who raised you. You can relax now – you have survived the most difficult part.

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Letting the good happen

For many of us, it’s difficult to imagine that the universe is waiting there to shower us with lots of good things. Many of us believe we need to work really hard for things to happen for us – because that’s how it always has been. Some of us don’t feel worthy of so much good – who are we to lead such a good life? “I deserve the worst,” some of us think deep down. Really, all our beliefs go back to what we experienced as little children.

The Universe is patiently waiting for us to relax, to open, to trust. It doesn’t mean nothing “bad” will ever happen to us – there are some laws that we simply can’t change. People die, there are diseases, natural disasters and more. Life can change any moment; there are no guarantees. But life can also change positively – if only we allow it.

If you’re always worrying about being sick now or in the future, think of the fact that there’s also a possibility that you’ll be perfectly healthy till your last day. Just consider the possibility. You might be poor right now, worrying that you might always be poor. Can you, for a moment, step back and consider the possibility that you might not? That things can change? Can you allow your negative expectations coexist with positive ones? Many things will shift when you can do this. Don’t force the negative to go away – simply allow it to coexist with the positive; that’s all.

Psychic help

Along the way, you can always consult a psychic to get predictions about the near future or about situations or people. You can get your natal chart done by an astrologer to discover deeper secrets about your life; or get a past-life reading to understand the karmic influences from your other lives.

Whatever you do, remember, the present moment is where you can change yourself. Present is where inner transformation can happen, propelling outer transformation. What happened in the past happened.

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