Using a Past Life Tarot Spread To Discover Your Past

Using a Past Life Tarot Spread To Discover Your Past

Past life tarot spreads within the field of astrology are a deeper technique that can help us to learn about our current and past lives.

What memories are you carrying? Are you looking to uncover some truths from the past?

Past life tarot spread readings help give people the answers to these kinds of questions.

They work as a great way to help people carrying any baggage from the past to let go of this kind of emotional weight.

These are extremely popular and here at Best Psychics Club, we are going to go into more depth about past life tarot spreads and how they can help you. If you are keen to discover what has been left in your past, then you have come to the right place.

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How Do Past Life Tarot Spread Readings Work?

Past life readings can uncover the reasons behind obsessions, passions, phobias and the recurrent issues we face. Each one of us carries memories of our past lives deep in the subconscious, and these memories have a profound effect on the decisions, behaviours, karmic choices, emotions and relationships of the soul.

What does a past life tarot reading help you uncover…

  • What represents you in a past life
  • Unresolved events from your past
  • How your past life is affecting you today
  • How you can go about getting over events from the past
  • Provides you with lessons you can apply to your life today

The reasoning behind problems and challenges in this life often lies in our past lives. A past life tarot spread helps us connect to this inner wisdom.

Astrology is an exciting tool that can help you understand your career, love and karmic relationships, and major decisions. It may even help you decode “unexplainable” phases of life and provide answers to questions that have been niggling the back of your mind.

What Are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards were first used for fun and entertainment since the 14th century through tarot card readings, and it took until the 18th century onwards for them to be used for divination purposes.

Tarot spreads are often used in a question-based session, and the answers you receive can provide valuable insights into the way you think and feel the things you experience and believe in, and much more.

The information can also be used to uncover meaning within the self and resolve life’s problems with regard to health, career, relationships, love, finances, marriage, and children.

What is used in a tarot card reading?

There are 78 cards in complete spreads, and most card decks belong to the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition. However, there are others, too, including Marseilles and Oracle decks.

It’s likely that if you happen to be a beginner, and you’re looking to tell your own fortune with a past-life spread, you’ll probably be using a Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

Using tarot readings to apply to your life

Although tarot spreads are popularly used to predict the future, it would be more appropriate to say that they are tools of self-discovery.

The information provided can help you determine the best way to resolve problems in your lifetime based on the idea that our energy is recycled. While it’s great to enjoy the process, it’s equally important to be respectful towards your tarot spread and not use it for fortune-telling alone.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean & Represent?

The good news is that you don’t have to memorize every tarot spread, image and interpretation. Instead of holding every archetype and image in your head, follow these essentials to get started:

Major and Minor Tarot Cards

In a deck of 78 tarot cards, there are 56 Minor Arcana or suit and 22 trump or Major Arcana cards. Out of these, Major Arcana deal with life’s large issues through divination, while the 56 suit cards are tied to day-to-day problems.

How They Are Divided…

The 56 Minor Arcana can be divided into wands (related to goals, inspiration and creativity), cups (emotions, relationships, celebration), swords (truth, observations, reasons) and pentacles (material possessions, home life, career).

Court Cards

The King, Queen, Knight, and Page are known as ‘court cards’ and represent people whom you know in another lifetime or currently. Your soul may often share multiple lifetimes with the same set of people who reincarnate to help you really progress on the spiritual path through the tarot.

How You Can Explore Your Past Life

Past life spreads can provide an insight into past lives that help us solve problems and gain perspective into our present challenges. Your lessons learned will depend on your own soul and spirit; your own past experiences, and the way that you make sense of the information given to you.

“The art of tarot assumes that every one of our lives has a theme that dominates our present experiences. Once we master a skill, we move on to other themes. The main purpose of a tarot spread is to interpret your previous life or present life theme.”

How To Examine Your Reading

To examine your own past lives with tarot spreads, start by setting the mood.

Light a few scented candles and play some soft, non-distracting music in the background.

Meditate for a few minutes to really centre your thoughts and clear your head.

Close your eyes and form a question in your head for the tarot. For example, you could try saying, “Please show me – or someone else – a previous life.”

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What Techniques Will A Past Life Reader Use?

In particular, the tarot reader should see if there’s a common theme running through the three cards in the spread. At times, the spread could represent different themes. We’re going to explore past lives using two tarot spread techniques:

Three Tarot Card Life Theme Reading 

First, shuffle the deck and then pull out the top three, then spread them out in front of you. Card 1 represents a previous life, card 2 represents your current life, while card 3 is tied to the future.

Keep a card spread guidebook handy and read through the interpretations of each card or image. The four of swords, for example, represents the need to withdraw into yourself and recharge your energies to tackle new challenges.

Six Tarot Card Intuitive Tarot Spread 

Shuffle the deck and pull out six cards, and spread them in front of you.

These represent birth, childhood, adulthood occupation, marriage or relationship, death and life, in that order.

Sit in front of each card and absorb its energy. Close your eyes to read, allowing images to appear in your mind spontaneously. Write down anything that you see and make notes. Compare these notes with your guidebook and the interpretations of the images from the spread.

Ensure You Prepare For Your Reading

While interpreting a past life card spread remember to explore elements like birth, location, time period, experiences, death, gender and life events through the tarot.

Tarot readings help us make better choices in the current life by making us more aware of our past lives and life themes. You don’t always have to “believe” in the eternal soul or spirit to have a positive experience with a past lives tarot spread, but I recommend that you try and be open-minded, as this will certainly help you to get the most out of the session with your tarot reader.

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