Tarot Cards Meaning

What do Tarot Cards Mean?

Depending on the subject, card spread, or tarot technique a reader uses, the symbols hidden in tarot card illustrations can be interpreted differently. But their symbolism remains the same. The meaning behind each tarot card alters slightly if it is turned over on the table and is upright or upside-down. You might be able to draw meaning from the images and symbols, but an accurate reading can only be made by a tarot reader trained in interpreting the cards. Tarot readers connect with your spiritual energy, and this breathes life into the cards that you pick, giving them a significance that is relevant to you personally. Get to know the tarot cards and their meaning with this straightforward guide.

With all of the card descriptions listed below take into account that the symbolism and meaning is complex and only in the hands of a skilled tarot reader can the card’s true meaning and relevance to your life be revealed. Our tarot readers are available now to divulge the secrets of the cards as they relate to you.

What are the Major Arcana?

The 22 Major Arcana or Trump cards are the most powerful cards in the deck. Each card has an illustration of a character, group of characters or number. The cards tell the tale of our spiritual journey from innocence (The Fool) to oneness with The World. They represent spiritual changes and major life events. The more that appear in your reading, the more mystic forces beyond your control are at work in your life. Major changes are happening, something new is coming, or a shift is occurring. It could be an important life-changing event with long-lasting consequences happening or about to happen. When they appear the aim is to draw lessons from them and learn the different options you have in this situation.

0.The Fool

New beginnings, spontaneity, a leap of faith, change is underway, innocence, originality.

Reversed: Chaos, naivety, poor judgment, stupidity, living in the moment, reckless, irrational. 

One-Card: Yes        Ruled by: Uranus    Element: Air

1.The Magician

intelligence, skilled communicator, self-confidence, thoughts into actions, dexterity, determination.

Reversed: Communication blocks, deceit, confusion, lack of energy.

One-Card: Yes         Ruled by: Mercury   Element: Air

2.The High Priestess

Mystery, passivity, reflection, things are not as they seem, intuition, hidden talents.

Reversed: lack of personal harmony, information withheld.

One-Card: Unclear Ruled by: Moon      Element: Water

3.The Empress

Fulfillment, fertility, maternal instincts, productivity, new opportunities, abundance.

Reverse: Financial issues, domestic problems, fertility issues, or unwanted pregnancy.

One-Card: Yes    Ruled by: Venus     Element: Earth

4.The Emperor

Authority, rationality, stability, father figure, power of action, leadership, law, and order.

Reversed: Lack of discipline, control freak, manipulative, immature.

One-Card: Yes        Ruled by: Mars      Element: Fire

5.The Hierophant

Consent, marriage, partnership, conformity, approval, morality, religion, conventionality, tradition.

Reversed: Rejection of family values and convention, abuse of power, breakdown.

One-Card: Maybe  Ruled by: Venus    Element: Earth

6.The Lovers

Conflicting choices, attachment, relationships, union, decisions, at a crossroads, commitment.

Reversed: Broken relationships, separation, infidelity, bad choices.

One-Card: Yes     Ruled by: Mercury     Element: Air

7.The Chariot

A journey, overcoming obstacles, ambition, willpower, progress, success from hard work.

Reversed: Scattered energy, lack of direction, self-doubt.

One-Card: Yes      Ruled by: Moon         Element: Water


Confidence, self-belief, enjoyment, power, energy, vitality, willpower, strength, facing problems.

Reversed: Self-doubt, cowardly, vanity, lack of control.

One-Card: LIkely yes Ruled by: Sun          Element: Fire

9.The Hermit

Guidance, detachment, soul-searching, reflection, looking for answers within, withdrawn.

Reversed: Exile, a misfit, withdrawing from love, sad, lonely.

One-Card: Maybe Ruled by: Mercury  Element: Earth

10.The Wheel of Fortune

Change, life cycle, new direction, good luck, chance, opportunity, winning.

Reversed: Unforeseen trouble, bad luck, missed opportunity, misfortune, disappointment.

One-Card: Yes    Ruled by: Jupiter   Element: Fire


Balance, justice, fairness, equality, will not be swayed, responsibility.

Reversed: Lack of accountability, dishonesty, unfairness, imbalance.

One-Card: Unclear Ruled by: Venus    Element: Air

12.The HangMan

Transition, suspended, discontinued, breaking old patterns, letting go, ultimate surrender.

Reversed: Missed opportunity, egotism, stuck, unable to change.

One-Card: Maybe   Ruled by:  Neptune Element: Water


End, profound change, loss, increased self-awareness, failure, letting go, severe illness.

Reversed: Prolonged ending, long terminal illness, resistance to change, depression.

One-Card: No       Ruled by: Pluto Element: Water


Capability, harmony, moderation, self-confidence, control, connecting with spiritual guides.

Reversed: Disharmony, lack of patience, illness approaching, imbalance.

One-Card: Yes   Ruled by: Jupiter       Element: Fire

15.The Devil

Jealousy, self-delusion, violence, anger, resentment, enslavement, materialism, unhealthy relationships.

Reversed: Divorce, breaking addiction, freedom from restraints.

One-Card: No        Ruled by: Saturn       Element: Earth

16.The Tower

Destruction, loss, ruin, new start, dramatic change, damage, renovation, unexpected change.

Reversed: Loss, volatile situation, obstacles, illness.

One-Card: No       Ruled by: Mars          Element: Fire

17.The Star

Calm, serenity, opportunity, renewal, hope, destiny, good health, spirituality, inspiration.

Reversed: Missed opportunity, illness, despair, disappointment.

One-Card: Yes      Ruled by: Moon         Element: Air

18.The Moon

Caution, risk, fear, delusion, confusion, intuition, deception, insecurity, 

Reversed: Insomnia, unhappiness, mysteries solved, insomnia, unusual dreams.
One-Card: Yes      Ruled by: Neptune   Element: Water

19.The Sun

Abundance, joy, success, productivity, achievement, enlightenment, vitality, marriage

Reversed: Lack of clarity, sadness, false impressions, low vitality.

One-Card: Yes      Ruled by: Sun   Element: Fire


Decisions, upheaval, success, change, transformation, redemption, renewal, awakening. 

Reversed: Hasty judgment, poor logic, stagnation, self-doubt.

One-Card: Yes      Ruled by: Pluto      Element: Fire

21.The World

Achievement, successful endings, possibility, fulfillment, completion, reward, certainty.

Reversed: Failed plans, stagnation, lack of completion, delayed success.

One-Card: Yes     Ruled by: Saturn   Element: Earth

What are the Minor Arcana? 

The 56 Minor Arcana or Lesser Arcana cards are descendants of the original pack of playing cards, so in many ways, they resemble a regular pack. They have four suits called cups, wands, swords, and pentacles. The suits have 14 cards each numbered one to ten, plus four face cards or court cards, the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Minor Arcana cards represent our day-to-day lives and everyday events. Each suit is associated with an element (water, fire, earth, and air), and a human faculty (creativity, body, emotions, and reason) The face cards represent the people we meet in our lives. In a reading, the Minor Arcana show you the events, emotions, thoughts, and encounters happening in your life at the moment, and how they affect you.

Suit of Cups

The suit of cups is associated with emotions and the astrological element of water. It is also associated with the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces.

Suit of Wands

The suit of wands is associated with career and is associated with the astrological element of fire. It is also associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo.

Suit of Swords

The suit of swords is associated with intellectual activity and the astrological element of air. It is also connected to the zodiacs of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.

Suit of Pentacles

The suit of pentacles is associated with finance and the material world. It is associated with the astrological element of earth and the zodiac signs of Virgo, Capricorn, and Tauris. 


If you’d like a more comprehensive understanding of tarot cards, you can look through our website for in-depth posts on each card. To interpret the cards correctly takes intense study and a natural (or supernatural) gift of intuition. Only tarot readers like those listed in our directory can tell you how the cards apply to you personally. The meaning of each card can change or have subtle nuances depending on its position in a tarot spread, and on the orientation. To experience a tarot reading for yourself, choose one of the talented psychics on our site, and instantly be connected for a reading.

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