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What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Dreams have fascinated man for centuries. As far back as the Bible, Jacob was analyzing dreams! Today is no different and there are many different techniques for dream analysis. Dream interpretation is when a mystic connects the symbols and images in your dreams to your waking life. Dream analysis is also used in some forms of psychotherapy and can provide a connection to our subconscious and a powerful tool for getting guidance from the spiritual realm. The idea is that our subconscious thoughts, or messages from the spiritual world manifest as dreams. In the world of divination, dreams are considered supernatural communication that can be interpreted by people with spiritual powers. By having a psychic analyze your dreams you can gain valuable insights into the forces at work in your life.

History of Dream Analysis

Dream analysis was common in ancient societies, from the Egyptians and Greeks to Romans and Ottomans. The earliest record of dream analysis dates back to 3100 BC when the ancient Sumerian kings of Mesopotamia used dreams to make important decisions. The Assyrians had a temple built to honor the god of dreams, and Egyptian priests acted as dream readers. The ancient Greeks believed dreams could interpret the future. Dream interpretation has also been used in the Far East for hundreds of years. In the 16th-century, a book dedicated to dream interpretation called Lofty Principles of Dream Interpretation was published in China. 

By the 17th-century, dream analysis was being used in Europe as part of psychoanalysis. The most famous book on the subject is The Interpretation of Dreams by Fraud. Other leading dream theorists included Carl Jung who believed that dreams represent man’s personal and collective unconscious and that dreams compensated for parts of our psyche that are underdeveloped in waking life. Calvin S. Hall said that dreams are part of a cognitive process, and G. William Domhoff believed dreams reflect our thoughts and concerns from our waking life. In the 1970s dream analysis became something anyone could do with the help of The Dream Game by Ann Faraday that taught how to analyze your own dreams. In today’s society, some forms of psychology and neurobiology still use dream analysis as a therapeutic tool. Psychics interpret dreams according to ancient traditions, assigning meaning to the symbols and images we dream and how they relate to our lives.

Believing in Dreams

Not all dreams are considered of equal importance. If a dream confirms your waking beliefs they are more likely to be believed. Dreams that contradict waking beliefs are often ignored or not taken seriously. However, dreams can bring our attention to thoughts, memories, and feelings that we may not be aware of when we are awake. In some instances, dreams hold messages from spirit guides or loved ones who have passed. 

Who Interprets Dreams?

Today you can get your dreams analyzed by a professional in the field, someone trained in dream interpretation and with a natural gift. Dream analysis is a science and art practiced by psychics with intuition and knowledge of the dream world. You can get dreams analyzed by clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, and clairsentients. If you have an unpleasant dream, your psychic interpreter can help put your mind to rest, by identifying what caused the dream.

Symbols and Themes in Common Dreams

As you read the common meanings of these dream images, remember that it takes a skilled interpreter to analyze how the images relate to your life. There can be multiple means for a single dream image, and not all of them are listed here.

Rainbows: A reminder that you are making conscious decisions that are divinely guided. Rainbows with seven equally balanced colors mean that you are at peace. By recalling the color that was most prominent in your dream, your psychic can interpret the meaning. 

Red: You’re safe and protected.

Orange: You’re inspired and creative.

Yellow: You’re powerful and confident.

Green: You give and receive unconditional love.

Sky Blue: You are all about truth.

Indigo: You are aligned with the universe, and you are fully aware.

Violet/White: You are connected to the spiritual world, and receive celestial guidance.

Animals: Associated with spiritual guardians.

Snakes: Can be a symbol of wisdom or transformation, but this common dream image has multiple meanings and can also mean poison, evil, and slyness.

Elephants: Compassion, open-hearted, powerful, wealth, abundance, love, compassion, and discovery of your spiritual power.

Birds: Depending on the type of bird in your dream it could mean seeing life in perspective, freedom, or spirituality. It can also mean you’re hoping to hear from someone or receive a message.

Numbers: Some digits and number sequences have specific meanings such as 1111 which is considered a portal to a higher spiritual level. The interpretation will depend on what was happening in the dream when the number appeared.

Dreaming of a love affair: Wanting escape, jumping into a new project, trying a new pursuit, or trying something different. Not necessarily an affair.

Speaking in an accent: If the people in the dream react positively to your new accent it means you’re feeling confident or sophisticated. If they react negatively, then you’re feeling insecure, or persecuted.

Cats: Maybe a sign of disloyalty or deception. A black cat could mean an illness, but if you chased the cat away in the dream, you may have avoided the illness.

Dogs: Friendships, good times. If the dog attacks you or barks at you it can be a bad omen of treachery or trouble ahead.

Airports: This could mean a departure of any kind – spiritually, emotionally, physically, or departure from a job or relationship.

Death: When you dream of your own death, it can mean that something in your life is coming to an end. How you react to death can change the interpretation. If you’re at peace with your own death in a dream, it can mean that there is something you are ready to let go of.

Empty Room: If you’re in an empty room you could have unlimited potential, and talents you haven’t yet put to use.

Can’t find your Car: If you dream you can’t find your car in a huge parking lot, or that someone has stolen your car, it can mean you’ve lost your ambition, drive, or you’re looking for a way to be inspired in your career.

Lost something: If you’re searching for something in the dream it can mean that in the real world, you feel a loss of self-esteem or self-worth.

Looking for someone: You’re looking for parts of your own identity that you feel you have lost.

You’re rich: If you’re rich in your dreams it might have nothing to do with money, but rather wisdom, realization, or spiritual wealth.

Falling: You’re hanging on too tightly to a person or situation, and you need to relax and let go.

Flying: You’ve freed yourself from something that was holding you back. You’ve made a difficult decision and feel a weight off your shoulders, and feel liberated. If you feel scared of flying in the dream, then something is holding you back.

Showing Up for an Exam Unprepared: This can mean you are critically examining your own performance in life.

Do you Want to Understand your Dreams?

The mysterious world of dreams is difficult to understand. And it’s not a good idea to try analyzing your own dreams as you could get the wrong idea. Luckily we have some of the best dream interpreters online waiting to tell you what your dreams mean. Our psychics will help you make sense of your dreams. The key to unlocking the meaning of the dreams lies just a click away. Get a clear view of your relationship, and a better perspective of your life issues, with an online dream interpretation.

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