Medical Astrology 101: Signs, Body Parts, Predictions

Medical astrology signs cover the body from head to toe, heading being Aries, toe being Pisces. What this means is that each individual has a unique medical astrology chart, created by a medical astrologer, based on the individual’s natal chart and where the planets are today. After looking at the natal diagram, medical astrologers tell the individual what types of physical problems or diseases the individual is more likely to experience.

For example, a person with the Sun, Moon, or a particular planet in Aries head is more likely to experience headaches or other problems and diseases connected. It’s a complex system; for that reason, medical astrology predictions must be made on a case by case basis, especially when diagnosing bodily disease. Understanding the cycle of the sun and moon as well as other planets like Saturn and mars will help you understand the way medical astrology works and pre-empt any diseases that may be more likely to come your way.

Wondering what sign rules the heart? What part is Scorpio ruled by or what part of the body is ruled by Aquarius? What zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon? Below we cover all and more.

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Medical Astrology Past and Present

Greek astrology (also known as Hellenistic astrology) is the original basis of medical astrology. It then bloomed throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Medical Astrology, back then, was mainstream with doctors of all types of consulting and practising it. To become doctors, they were even required to study it and pass an exam where they had to answer medical astrology questions.

Mainstream medicine has moved away from natural remedies and astrology guided decision making to pharmaceutical and biochemical approaches, though there’s a growing movement of people who seek herbal, natural solutions – from yoga to veganism, to eating certain plants and working with energy healers just some of the ways a person will seek solutions via nature.

Zodiac Constellations and Body Parts

Here’s a list of the major human body parts and which zodiac sign they are ruled by.

  • Aries: The head and face, facial bones, brain, blood vessels in the head, complexion
  • Taurus: The neck, the teeth, the throat, your tongue and speech, cerebellum, the nerves connecting the throat and neck, larynx.
  • Gemini: The armsshoulders, collar, hands and the related bones, lungs
  • Cancer: Breast, chest, ribs, cancer stomach, upper belly
  • Leo: Heart, your higher mind, spinal cord, blood. A Leo should be more aware of maintaining good blood pressure levels.
  • Virgo: Bowels, intestines, abdomen
  • Libra: Kidneys, the waits, lower back, navel cavity, lumbar spine
  • Scorpio: Sexual and reproductive systems in both men and women, pelvic bones, anus
  • Sagittarius: Thighs, hips, pelvic floor
  • Capricorn: Knees, joints, and bone disease
  • Aquarius: Legs, ankles, blood circulation in the legs
  • Pisces: The feet, the toes, the foundation, lymphatic system

All of the above are linked to astrological signs that can be related to health and potential diseases that if made aware of early enough, can be prevented much earlier on.

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Reading Your Natal Chart

Any good astrologer will ask you for your date and time of birth as well as the location where you were born. This is your astrological natal (birth) chart and provides you with a one of a kind, individual reading. When it comes to interpreting your astrology, it is important to understand your star sign and what that brings as a result.

What Does 12 House Health Chart Represent?

This natal chart is divided into twelve equal areas, called houses. Each house stands for a life area, such as relationships, money, family, goals, spirituality, potential disease etc. Each house on the astrology chart features some planets and signs, based on where they’re at the time of your birth.

Your astrologer then looks at where the planets are today to determine what has changed in your life and what’s likely to change in the future. (Click here to learn more about Western astrology).

First House

This refers to the first most part of our physical bodies including hair, skin, head, mind.

Second House

This house is in relation to our nails, eyes, teeth, tongue and brain. Injuries, disease or problems related to these various parts are as a result of a weakened second house.

Third House

The third house is linked to your bones, hands, bodily growth are just some that fall under the third houses on our astrology health chart.

Fourth House

The fourth house is linked to our heart, chest and major organs. Things like high blood pressure and heart attacks would fall under this astrology house when it comes to diseases or health issues linked to these problems.

Fifth House

The fifth house is linked to our smaller internal organs like the bladder and intestines as well as our internal intelligence and conscience. The period of the fifth house is linked to health restoration and blood-related diseases that can hinder health.

Sixth House

This section of the astrology health diagram refers to our digestive system and kidneys. If you ended up with a digestive system related disease as a reason for this house, it would lead to you falling physically sick. Saturn known as a bad planet is known to lead to a diagnosis related to this house because Saturn is linked to chronic disease.

Seventh House

The seventh house of astrology is connected to the uterus, ovaries and sexual organs that can lead to things like sexual complications and sexually transmitted diseases. The weakening of this house causes many diseases such as venereal diseases and other diseases you would link to sex. Complications with these parts of the body can also lead to other things like fevers and facial and skin diseases.

Eighth House

The eighth house rule is a sector that rules sex. The weakening of this house can lead to other problems like anxiety and mental disease linked to the brain.

Ninth House

In accordance with the ninth house on the astrology chart, the ninth house also known as the house of philosophy relates to mainly your joints and bones. According to medical astrology can also lead to other problems, both mental and physical skin and human body related disease.

Tenth House

The tenth house is closely connected to the ninth house in terms of the parts of the body it relates to. It also includes things like stomach issues, joint pain. Stomach pain can then be linked to other issues that you may associate with other houses within the zodiac house system.

Eleventh House

The eleventh house on the medical astrology diagram relates to chronic problems. The majority of the diseases people have are related to this particular part and is one of the telltale signs as an issue linked to this part of the zodiac.

Twelfth House

The twelfth and final house of the astrology house system is linked to external factors like hospitalization, money issues and personal relationships. Not directly related to the body, skin or organs themself but one of many existential circumstances that can lead to changes in physical health and mental health-related diseases.

Understanding the connection of the planetary and zodiac houses could help pinpoint a specific disease and may help you to build your life in a way that will prevent ill health.

A Higher Level of Wisdom

Accordingly, a disease can be expected when a planet receives a 90 or 180 degrees (opposition) aspect; when Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto are posited in the sixth, the eighth or the twelve houses; or when these planets occupy Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces; or when these planets occupy the ascendant.

These are just some examples of how astrology is applied to medicine and treating disease. Their knowledge of how the sun and the moon as well as other planets like Mars, Jupiter and Venus will ensure that your reading is an accurate one.

Finding the Right Medical Astrologer

Kasamba gives you free trial minutes any time you try one of the new astrology advisors. Try to get to know your medical astrologer, begin asking them your questions to be able to establish that they are the right reader for you.

A simple search for “medical astrologer” in the search bar will help you to find the medical astrologers who are online (or available via email) at the time of your search. Our medical astrologers will be able to inform you on how a planet can be linked to a person and their medical condition.

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