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Who am I?

My name is Jenny McGiften, born in 1956. At present, I am serving as Manager, bestpsychics.club. It is an online site where renowned psychics are available online to offer their valuable services. I am committed and trained individual that posses a real talent of intuitive insight, which reflects my psychic capability. I am equipped enough to perform my job in a professional manner.

What are my tools?

My inborn talent, relevant training, skills (intuitive, interpersonal, and business), and practice have enabled me to join this field. My skills are primary tools. Intuitive skills like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathy allow me a broad array of tool to select from at the time of performing a client’s reading. Apart from this, understanding the way to interpret some information that I receive, and the manner to communication this information to my clients comprehensibly and empathetically, is one of the primary tools.

Moreover, I apply my skills as tools including psychometry, soul reading, telepathy, psychic readings, love and relationships, aura reading, horoscope, astrology, crystal balls, I ching, tarot card reading, healing, past life readings, past life regressions, dowsing roads, paranormal investigations, remote viewing, and spirit rescues etc.

Using interpersonal skill as tool, I build rapport with my clients and put them at ease as when they come for healing or a reading, they are usually unsure and nervous. Creating a smooth flow of energy among clients allow me to have a great way to get information. For building rapport and trust with my clients, I offer unconditional guidance, assistance, and love; show empathy for understanding their situation; become assistor rather than fatalist; provide information with honesty, without judging or editing; respect my clients’ privacy; and offer comfort while asking them to have comfortable seat, drink water, tea cup, or sooth music.

All of these tools enable me to comfort my clients’ seeking hope, truth, comfort, and understanding, guide them in their mission about deep knowledge of their surrounding world, and teach them how to undergo a great link with universal development and modifications, which are built-in part of this current age.

What is my background?

I have vast hands on advanced practice in psychic and healing arts, ability to create and run profitable business, and background of channeling, connection with my clients, Karuna Reiki, mediumship, ethical dilemmas, dealing with problematic people, experience of spirit language, runes, reading and healing techniques sampling, tarot, understanding grief and assisting people.

Who is my audience?

My audience is people from all walks of life, different age groups, and genders. Majority of them visit out online platform when they experience crises relating to a career issue, a relationship issue, or some other crucial aspect of their life. The purpose of their visit is to take help in identifying the choices in front of them and to get assistance to check pros and cons of every different option. Generally, they attain a powerful position to take a suitable and best decision. Further, they get such details which are not known to them earlier.

The audience gets distracted from the actual fact of suffering they are facing, through spirit guides, aura readings, past life just like an attractive movie; however, these are impractical or unhelpful. When the audience approaches our online platform, we go into their work to help them, instead of acting as an entertainer, particularly in tough time of their life. The audience gets assistance in indentifying the base line elements of what they are facing.

At out online platform, out true psychics equipped with developed skills are not likely to ask the audience too many questions regarding the issues the audience require assistance. We do not believe on reason based advice rather a guidance based advice associated with psychic insights.

Whenever the audience comes to our online platform with their issues like relationship decision required to be taken, our psychics instead of asking a series of questions, apply their psychic ability to collect as much information as they can. Our psychics usually get psychic information in the shape of images in their mind, a sensation about something or someone, and occasionally they receive information like locations and names. They dig for emotions as well as motivations of those persons who are involved in the matter. Psychics focus on the timing of the situations. They note the influences like other persons or hindrances outside relationship and other elements that can be crucial to think to resolve the issue.

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    1. 1

      love messenger

      About My Services
      Truth and honesty;Love is divine!Love & Relationship Specialist,i use tarot,psychic clairvoyance,astrology I am here to help you find what it is that you are looking for in life and guide.
      Experience & Qualifications
      I have been gifted the ability to tap into ones inner I use my God-given gifts of clairvoyance and clauradience, Clairessence and Claircogniance to connect and find the answers you seeking. I have experience in Psychic readings ,tarot, clairvoyance ,clairaudience, astrologs, reuniting lover’s spiritual meditation, spiritual deliverance,meditation therapy,spell casting.

    2. 2


      Can you please send me a link to your profile in Kasamba or where can I read more about your experience as a spiritual reader?


    3. 3


      Thanks for contacting me. Can you please send me a link to your profile in Kasamba or where can I read more about your experience as a spiritual reader?


    4. 4

      Damian Roswell

      I’m asking about relationship me and Karla going to be together

    5. 5


      HI Damian,
      You can contact any advisor in this link and get answers to your questions.
      Have a shinny day!

    6. 6

      Sneha parihar

      Hello Jenny .. I am interested in working as tarot reader and angel reader on your platform ..let me know I can go ahead with the same. I have been trying to contact you.sent you personal msg as well

    7. 7


      Thanks for your interest, we are currently not looking for new advisors. We will probably change our mind in the future….
      Have a sunny day darling


    8. 8


      hi jenny,
      i have some physic abilities with which i would like to serve people by joining your committee. so need ur guidance for this.

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