Best Psychic Mediums In UK

Looking for the best psychic mediums in the UK? Get all of the answers you are seeking here.

What does my future look like? What do my future relationships look like?

If you are based in the UK and are seeking an accurate psychic reading, then you are in the right place.

Check out our range of UK psychics here and find the right reader for you. We work with a number of expert psychics who will be able to give you a reading that is accurate to you.

How to choose the best mediums in UK?

When you are looking for a psychic in the UK, it is important that you do your research prior to your reading. We work with a number of psychic readers based all over the world so it is crucial you find someone that understands you and your language.

Some of the things you should be looking out for include…

  • If you’re looking for a psychic from the UK, and you live in another country, your best bet is to do research online. If you have friends who live in the U.K., you can ask them about it, but online research will generate really good results if you pay attention to a few things: make sure the reviews you read are unedited. Make sure the site is legit. That the psychic is a real person. Look them up on social media too.
  • You can consider getting a phone reading but then you’ll also have to pay for international minutes, on top of the per minute fee the psychic charges.
  • If you aren’t travelling to the U.K. any time soon, you may want to get a chat reading.
  • Before you get a chat reading, again, do your research – find out if there are unedited reviews about the psychic.

  • World-renowned, Welsh-born “People’s Psychic”
  • She is to the point, concise and frank
  • Specializes in psychic intuitive readings, mediumship and spirit communication, and relationships
  • Mobile +44 7710 435801 Landline: +44 1446 719209
  • [email protected]
  • Website:

  • Gifted from birth
  • Experience in Television, Radio, Theatre, Column Writing and social work
  • 01922 441120 or 07789 563169
  • [email protected]

  • Clairvoyant and offers full range of psychic abilities
  • 25 yrs experience
  • Has convincing reviews
  • Known to give great readings
  • 00 44 750 440 8267
  • [email protected]

  • An Angel card reader
  • a Clairvoyant
  • a Psychic
  • a Medium
  • Has multiple really warm reviews
  • 18 yrs experience
  • Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Empathy are also specialties of hers
  • +44 1425 620332
  • [email protected]

  • Specializes in intuitive readings, mediumship, spirit communication, and psychic coaching
  • Transforming and empowering people’s lives
  • Spiritual and psychic counseling with a little help from the spirit world
  • PhD
  • Readings by phone or Skype
  • No extra call fees, free call to customer
  • Multiple positive reviews
  • [email protected]

Psychic Mediums in the United Kingdom by Location

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