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My name is Yazmin and I am a clairvoyant psychic medium.
I can give you insights in many areas of your life love health work and career and also life choices ie marriage children and relationships.
I ask clients their first names only and I give you my psychic impressions of what my guides show me
I am able to tell you what I get without any information from yourself and give information to clarify whatever circumstance you are going through at present.

I am able to tell past present and possible future outcomes and assist in making decisions that can offer better outcomes and help with coming to a decision or choice in matters that are of importance to you.

I am clairvoyant which is seen as (clear thinking) being able to see things without prejudice and without judgment.
I can see things without having others influences or views but just as I see the situation or circumstances.
I give dream analysis readings about dreams that you may have that are reoccurring and link into past family members through mediumship skills. There are symbols and significant signs in dreams that I can explain to you and give you help in understanding them and how they impact you.

I am able to give you clarity to these unexplainable repetitive dreams and give assistance to them.
Through my years of training and development of my psychic skills I can skillfully read and link in with loved ones that you may have lost.
Giving insights into past and present situations that may have happened and giving you a warm and attentive reading that can clear any feelings of apprehension to rest.
I offer insightful warm and genuine psychic medium clairvoyant readings with clarity warmth and awareness of emotions connected to a situation.


I developed in a spiritual church in south east England from 2001-2010 and ongoing development


I have been giving private readings since 1998 and been aware of my psychic skills from 12 years old where I would predict things through psychic impressions I received.

Location: South East, England, United Kingdom

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  1. 1

    Louisa So

    Hi Yazmin,

    I need your help. Difficult to access you as I’m in Hong Kong Asia, can’t leave my phone number via Kasamba.
    Please send me an email when you are available. I will immediately login to Kasamba to find you. Thanks.

  2. 2


    Hi Louisa, how are you?

    I sent an email to Yazmin now.
    The easiest and fastest way to contact Yazmin is sending here an email clicking in the profile.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. 3


    Hi Louisa, hope you are well

    I am online during GMT hours Monday-Friday you can catch me online between the hours of 5AM GMT-4PM
    I hope this helps you!

    Kind regards

  4. 4


    Hi Yazmin,
    Are you available on any other website other than kasamba? I have promised myself I will not get on that site because of my experience with its customer service department. But you I trust totally and wish could chat with you. Please let me know if you are available on any other site.


  5. 5


    Hi T,

    What kind of experience did you have with customer service? When was it? The team really improved in the last months. Maybe I can help you to understand the issue and revert your situation. Yazmin’s readings are so good that I recommend to give Kasamba a second chance.

    Have a great day T !

  6. 6


    Thanks Jenny! I know Yaz is so good and I do miss her but I so don’t want to deal with Kasamba’s customer service again. I had submitted a service request last month for refund on some other psychic’s reading I had had. But I was not not satisfied with the reading. Did not feel we connected. Contacted couple others after that and they seemed more connected. So I submitted the request. Yaz was not available at that time otherwise wouldn’t have had the need to try others. But anyways customer service turned me down saying the refund policy is only for the very first session. I pointed out that the visual image on the kasamba home page says different. Its listed there as before and after. If before applies to all new, then after should also logically apply to all new. Additionally on the learn more page, its specifically listed for phone readings that the policy applies for first phone session only. But customer service kept arguing and did not resolve my issue. Their reasoning was its applicable to very first session only and I felt I was mislead. There is a disconnect between what is listed in the FAQs section and what they follow. Have had issues in the past too because the FAQs would say something different than what they have to say. Hence I have decided to cut my ties with the site. But Yaz is dear to me and would love to stay connected to her if she is on any other site.


  7. 7


    Thanks for explaining me your situation. I was not aware of the difference between the FAQs and what customer support told you. I would like to help you to clarify this misunderstanding and contact you back to Yazmin.
    As you said, Yazmin is so good that worth putting your frustration aside and reconnect with her.

  8. 8


    Thank you so much Jenny! I appreciate your help and yes I agree Yaz is so good and its so frustrating that she is only on Kasamba. I did follow your advice and ignored customer service & got in touch with her. But in the back of my mind I’ll always be hesitant and avoid getting on that site whenever I can. Its not the same any more. Its sad that customer service just ruined it for me. But it is what it is.. what can you or I do. I totally appreciate your help but I don’t expect anything from kasamba’s customer service. I hope and pray I never have to deal with them. I am looking into alternatives and hope everything goes well. Will see…

    Thanks again!

  9. 9


    Ever since I joined Kasamba, I’ve always wanted to chat with Yazmin but she’s never available. It’s very hard to get a hold of her. Is there any other way or website to connect with her?

  10. 10


    Hi Shih, How are you? Yazmin is a great advisor and she is guiding hundreds of people, try to contact her by email and set up a day and time for your conversation. Have a lovely day farling.

  11. 11


    Does Yazmin only do chat readings, instead of phone readings?

  12. 12


    Hi Amy,
    Yazmin does chat and phone readings as well. You can check her status in her profile page.

  13. 13


    Hi ,

    How do i get hold of Yazmin?
    Its soo difficult and she doesnt have the email button. Thanks

  14. 14


    Hi Yazmin,

    I would really want to connect with you. I have been trying many time on Kasamba for the past 2 days since you online till offline . I always don’t get to catch you – too many looking for you.
    Is there any other way that I can connect with you?
    Thank you.


  15. 15


    I am in kasambha, and trying to get a chat reading with psychic Yazmin since long but never see her available . Please can I be notified when she is available through message or email .

  16. 16


    What time psychic Yazmin is available . It’s urgent and I never get to chat with her .
    Thank you

  17. 17


    Hi Madhu, how are you?
    There is a send email button on her profile in case Yazmin is offline, she can reply to you. Unfortunately, we don’t know their availability by hours.

  18. 18


    Hi there,

    I’m trying to get in contact with Yazmin. I have pressed the notify tab but it seems like when I check to see if she online, it never notifies me and she will be in a session when like 10 minutes ago she was offline. There is no email button on the profile, do you know how I can get in contact with Yazmin?

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