Vedic Astrology Divines Your Karma and Future

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Unlike most psychics, Vedic Astrologers don’t just focus on the future – they see you as a whole person with past lives, a past in this life, present situation, and a future. They look at you as a soul in a time-and-space continuum, a soul with rich past experiences, a complex karma, and a future that is very important for your spiritual development and growth. They look at the whole panorama to be able to help you from the deepest place possible.

Vedic Astrologers care about your past lives, your past in this life, and your karma in general because they believe these events have shaped you into who you are today, and these events will inevitably influence your future as well. Vedic astrologers see all this as your tools to shape your future. You are the decision-maker who has choices to create the future you want. The planetary movements and effects are there for you to know the influences that are coming your way so you can make the right choices when time comes.

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How old is Vedic astrology?

Vedic Astrology is as old as the Hindu Vedas – prehistoric Sanskrit texts created some 5,000 to 8,000 years ago. These texts contain divine spiritual wisdom that is valid in any time period in human evolution. The original name of these texts is Jyotish, meaning “science of light.” The texts survey the movements of stars and sources of light in the sky to offer the wisdom they offer.

stellar zodiacWhat does Vedic astrology mean for a reading?
Vedic Astrology differs from Western astrology even though both study the sky and planets’ relationships with one another. Think about it this way – having two different ways to solve the same problem to find X. Both arrive at the same answer, but through different means.

Let us explain – in Western Astrology (or what we just call “astrology” in the West), the most important factor is the relationship between the Earth and the sun. In Vedic astrology, the most important factor is the position of the stars. The two schools of astrology both calculate and map your birth chart using mathematical and geometric formulas – it’s like X+3=your future. In Western Astrology X is the Sun, and in Vedic Astrology X is the stars.

Vedic Astrology’s technique is called sidereal or stellar zodiac. The other difference between the two schools of astrology is that Western astrology creates circular birth charts while Vedic astrology creates a square. Once your birth chart is ready, Vedic astrologers alter it taking into account equinoxes and all other relevant astral incidences. For instant, every year the earth’s equator moves backward at the rate of 51″ of longitude, meaning a 1-degree shift for every 72 years. In Vedic astrology, this affects the way the zodiac signs are calculated. According to Vedic astrologers, these shifts must be taken into account when creating the individual’s birth chart.

Is Vedic astrology more accurate?

A Vedic astrology reading is just as accurate as a Western astrology reading. Some astrologers say it’s more detailed as it takes into account karma and the past more thoroughly. Other astrologers argue that the past is in the past and we must study the stars to understand the future.

In a Vedic astrology reading, your Vedic astrologer starts by creating your natal (birth) chart based on your place and time of birth. The positions and movements of the stars are key in forming it. Using this chart, and comparing it to the movements of stars today, your Vedic astrologer discovers your history and current situation, and predicts your future. He or she can decipher your past lives, their influence on your current life and desires, and shed light on the inexplicable karmic events in your life.

Your Vedic astrologer studies your past life patterns to understand your “dashas,” a timeline of experiences you are predicted to experience in this lifetime. Your dashas show major future events – including when you’ll find your soul mate, employment possibilities, career purpose, familial incidents, and much more. The dashas are like those calendars you make at work – meeting on this day, Happy Hour on that day – but instead they detail major life events.

You can get a general Vedic astrology reading or one that focuses on a specific life area such as your love life, career, finances, health, friendships and relationships, life purpose, spiritual life, or anything else that you would like to focus on. You can ask your astrologer any question you like – Vedic astrology is extremely comprehensive. It covers all life areas, including from the past.

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How to find the best Vedic astrologer in the world?

vedic astrologyAt Best Psychics Club, we partnered with Kasamba to bring you the best psychic readers and astrologers from all corners of the world including India – where Vedic astrology originated. We have confidence in Kasamba’s ability to bring you the best experts because Kasamba empowers clients to filter the readers via unedited ratings and reviews. So if you see that a Vedic astrologer has thousands of reviews and their rating is high, you know you can trust that person.

Sometimes though, the personalities don’t click. An astrologer might be great but you might need someone who is more straightforward, more or less detailed, more compassionate, perhaps even funny, depending on where you are in life right now and what you’re seeking. So a reader might be great in general but it doesn’t mean they are automatically the right person for you.

To help you to find the right reader for you, Kasamba gives you three free minutes with each reader who’s new to you. Use these minutes to get to know your Vedic astrologer, to start asking questions and assess how your reader answers. See if you like their style, the way they communicate. If you feel satisfied, if the interaction seems promising, stay for a paid reading. You’ll be paying per minute, which means you can stop the reading any time if you feel like it’s going off-course or that it’s not giving you what you want. Remember, you get 3 minutes to try someone else – the whole thing is designed for you to find the right reader.

Please note that your astrologer might need a minute or two here and there to create your chart, to examine it, to see the connections between the planets and the stars. Try to be patient as this is happening. It might make you anxious, especially if you’re on a tight budget, but the wait is well worth it. Rest assured your reader is doing their best to be quick and to start answering your questions. Try to have an open mind and don’t rush them into answering everything right away. Another option is for you to get an email reading from a Vedic astrologer at a fixed price. This is a great idea if you have a fixed budget. After your reading, make sure to rate it and even write a review – this will help other wisdom-seekers find the right Vedic astrologer.

We hope you get a wonderful, life-changing reading! Let us know how it went by leaving a comment below! We would love to hear from you – what you thought of Vedic astrology and the reading you got.

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