What does clairvoyance mean?


We have five senses: hearing, touch, sight, smell, taste. There’s a range for every sense – we see a certain range of things. Some animals see better than us, and some have see worse (they have smaller ranges or color capabilities). Some animals hear things we don’t. In many ways, the “clair senses” are extensions of our preexisting range. Some of us hear, see, sense more. They tap into more subtle information from the environment.

Clairvoyance, specifically, refers to an extended range of vision. It’s mainly a sixth chakra activity – where our third eye is. You may fine many online articles and tips about stimulating this area to invoke psychic vision. But it’s not that easy – there’s no quick psychic fix. Because all the chakras below the sixth must be in well-shape for someone to see true psychic information. It’s like a tree – the roots and the trunk need to be strong for the branches to extend majestically and carry many fruits. The chakras first through six must be able to support the openness of the third eye/ sixth chakra.


How does clairvoyance work?

A clairvoyant person’s visual capabilities juxtapose the physical visual input with subtle visions. So, the “background image” of reality stays put, and another image passes the visual field briefly and it looks like a transparent version of what we normally see.

We used to develop film in the old days and there would be the negatives. Clairvoyant images are like negatives, but colored and more transparent, that fleetingly pass through one’s vision field. The clairvoyant sees that image; a good clairvoyant knows how to make sense of that image.

But the “clair” capacity isn’t unique to just vision. All our senses can develop the “clair” range.

  • Clairvoyance – vision
  • Clairsentience – sensing/feeling/touch
  • Clairaudience – the auditory capacity
  • Clairolfaction – psychic smelling
  • Clairgustance – psychic tasting

Readings with Clairvoyant Psychics

So, why, among all other psychic techniques including Tarot, Rune casting, Angel cards, crystal ball etc., should you decide to visit a clairvoyant and use clairvoyance as the technique? The answer lies in your needs and your gut feeling.

Some people need to see answers in pictures (Tarot), while others need unconditional and uplifting messages (Angel cards). Yet others just like a certain technique – like the crystal ball. We all come to the table with different backgrounds and familiarities. Someone from the Middle East may be used to coffee readings. Someone from India may prefer Vedic astrology to every other technique. Then, sometimes we want to try something new, and other times we just have a good feeling about a certain technique.

  • A good clairvoyant can see things that happened in the past, what’s happening now, the true faces of people, and what may happen in the future. The possibilities are unlimited as the clairvoyant doesn’t choose what to see – it’s what’s revealed to them that determines the course of your reading. It’s divine wisdom that’s in charge.
  • Some clairvoyants need other techniques to be able to stimulate and tap into their clair-vision field.They may do a love tarot reading for you, only because the images on the cards stimulates their sixth chakra and clairvision. They may also use angel cards, or other techniques, just to be able to tune in and focus.
  • Every psychic is different, and they all have different capacities. Sometimes, a clairvoyant gets very good at seeing love life situation. Another gets very good at work life, and yet another gets very good at seeing into your home, i.e. family, children, your living environment. Before you choose your psychic, see if they have a specialty.
  • Some clairvoyants also have very developed clairaudience or other clairsenses. They hear messages clearly. If this is important to you, check your psychic’s profile, or ask them what their abilities are.

Making the best of your reading with a clairvoyant

Any time you connect with a spiritual advisor, or a psychic advisor, including clairvoyants, you should feel good about what you are doing, and you must also be prepared.

We are all on a spiritual journey and it’s completely unique for each of us. No spiritual journey can the same as another. There can sure be similarities, but we all have different past lifetimes, pasts, presents and futures. We have different interests, different desires, and different fears. So, there can’t be any one-size-fits-all reading. For that reason alone, it’s best to prepare your questions beforehand. First, write down your intention, then based on that intention, write your questions down.

Also, make you sure you won’t be interrupted during your session – whether it’s work calls, social media notifications, or your pet needing to go out, make sure everything is taken care of before you start your session. You also need silence and an environment that will support your intentions.

Choose your clairvoyant advisor wisely. Read their profiles, make sure they have the specialty you are looking for. Take a look at their ratings and read their reviews. If they are on a websites that gives free minutes, all the better. Try them out, see if you like them. See if you connect and that they get you.



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