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Grab a coffee. Sit down and relax. Let’s chat.
Ever felt as if you needed someone to talk to who could help you see what was going on around you and what the future looked like for you. This is where I can help. I use a blend of psychic, tarot and astrology to look at what is going on in your life whilst, at the same time, allowing you to find your best way forward.

I am open and friendly. I believe in a compassionate approach to my readings as this allows the information to flow more smoothly. If I see a negative or stumbling block ahead for you, I will tell you as I believe our destinies are not set in stone and you have the power to change course. I like to say “forewarned is forearmed” and I can give you steps to avoid any negatives that you may encounter.

Love and relationships are my speciality. If you are having problems with your love life I can help you. I can tell you what the other person is thinking, feeling and how they will respond. At the same time I can support you in adjusting any behaviour you need to change in order to get the results you want in your love life.
I do not do spell work. I believe we all have the power to manifest our future and if this is something you are interested in I can point you in the right direction for meditations and life coaching that can help you in this regard.
I do not read on legal, medical issues and you need to be over 18 to consult with me.
It would be my pleasure to help you.


I am a natural clairvoyant. I have spent many years using tarot, astrology, palmistry, crystals, chakra and dream analysis. I have trained in spiritual healing with The National Federation of Spiritual Healers UK, Reiki, aromatherapy, massage, life coaching, NLP. I am also a counsellor and psychic teacher. I have lived and worked in the United Kingdom and Australia, alongside a large USA clientele. I regularly contributed to horoscopes and other psychic based articles.


I have over 25 years of providing professional psychic services to clients around the world.

Location: Sidney, Australia

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    Yen Huynh

    Hi Chrisaris,
    How much will you charge for an email reading ?
    My name is Yen

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