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  1. What’s a palm reading?


  1. Is Palmistry a new psychic practice?

Definitely not! It’s one of the earliest psychic practices in human history and it has had practitioners and analysts all over the world: from China, Tibet, Persia to Ancient Israel and Babylonia.


  1. What’s important in a palm?

The size and shape of your hands and fingers, your hand lines, their lengths and outlines, how and where they cross each other, where they break or end, all point at your personality, life events and destiny.

  1. Why do palms matter?

We all have our unique fingerprints. And it’s not just our fingerprints – our fingers, palms and hands are also unique to us. Energy healers believe that the hands are the extensions of the heart. Our heart has the secrets to our soul, and our hands have the secret to our heart.

It’s easy to see how hands are the extensions of the heart: we touch, caress, hug, show love, and make love using our hands. We give and receive with our hands. We also hurt using our hands (lack of heart connection, in this case).

So, every set of hands hold the secrets to that person’s heart and soul.

  1. How can a palm reading help?

Every line, their length, their breaks, how they cross and where they end give hints about your past, present and future. A palm reading can help uncover your soul purpose, deeper truths, important life events and understand what your fate has in store for you. You can plan your future better with a palm reading.

  1. How long does a palm reading take?

It depends. How much do you want to explore? Do you just want to learn about your major traits and destiny points, or do you want full details? Let your psychic know what your intentions are right as you begin the reading.

  1. Which hand to read in your palm reading?

Most readers examine both. Here’s why: if you are right-handed, your left hand shows your innate characteristics while your right hand shows what you built on your innate spiritual inheritance: the changes you actively made in your life, the transformations you went through. If you’re left handed, it’s the opposite.

  1. What does the heart line mean?

Your heart line shows your emotional life, including romantic affairs, relationships, and emotions in general. How sensitive, vulnerable, open to life and loving you are, and how you can build emotional strength and capacity to endure difficult emotions are indicated by this line.

  1. What does the head line mean?

Your head line shows your intellectual life. If you like to read, study, and ponder about different pursuits and life areas, the way you obtain knowledge, your mental achievements, what stimulates your thoughts, and gets you to talk about it etc.

  1. What does the life line mean?

Unlike what most people assume, the life line doesn’t indicate your longevity. It indicates, instead, important and life-changing events such as relocation to a new country or  a far away state, traumatic physical injuries, and transforming circumstances. It also shows your level of well-being, generally as you go through life.

  1. What does the fate line mean?

Your fate line is a “bonus,” because not everyone has it. This line is about fate, karma and destiny: what you soul deeply wants, i.e. your soul purpose, decided upon before you incarnated again, and how your soul is guiding you to get to achieve that purpose.

  1. Which is better, palm reading or tarot cards?

A palm reading and tarot cards reading are completely different. You can’t compare different psychic methods because each one is unique and their objectives are also unique. So the question, then, is, what are you looking for? What do you want to get out of your reading? Do you want a general life reading (palm reading), or is there a situation at hand that you want to explore (tarot reading)?

13. Can a palm reading help with my love life?

Yes and no. If you want to learn about your love life karma, then a palm reading can help. But if you want to know about a small detail, about someone whom you just started dating, so your question is very time-and-place specific, then you may want to consult a love psychic.


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  1. Is there more to palmistry?

Yes, of course! Each finger is associated with a planet, each hand area is associated with a life area, including even the bracelet area. There’s just so much information about you in your own hands. Get a reading today and find out.


The Truth is in Your Hands

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