Preparing for You Psychic Reading

Following is a list of tips for you to be able to make the most of your next psychic session:


How to prepare for your psychic reading?

  • What’s your intention? Why do you want to get a psychic reading? Never underestimate the power of intention – are you really, truly seeking the truth? Or do you want someone to soothe you by sugarcoating reality? Be honest with yourself – have a very clear intention before you pick your psychic. Write it down!
  • Once you set your intention, think about what you want to ask – exactly. What are your questions? Write them down.
  • Examine your belief systems – if you doubt that you’ll find a good psychic, this will influence your choices and you may indeed end up finding an average reader, or someone who’s a hoax.

Stay calm and centered

  • A lot of people get nervous before a psychic session and this affects their approach and the questions they ask. Focus on your breath and try to relax. Remember, you are the client. This is YOUR session. The psychic is there to help YOU.
  • You can also let your psychic know that you are nervous, that the life area you want to explore makes you nervous, that your feelings are too intense. A good psychic will know how to help you focus and bring your full attention to the reading.

The types of questions to ask in your psychic reading

  • Asking open-ended questions tends to work better than asking yes/no questions. Open-ended questions allow your psychic advisor to explore the issue deeply, open her consciousness to higher realms, and be able to get extrasensory advice.
  • Try not to obsess with the future. Ask instead, “what should I do in this situation?” or “what kind of advice do you have for me?”

Be open to hearing the negative

  • Be open – easier said than done. Do your best to make peace with the fact that your psychic advisor may not always tell you what you want to hear.
  • Be open to information that may not “make sense.” Sometimes the psychic advisor sees things we don’t yet – and only over time we understand what our advisor meant. So have an open mindset.
  • Don’t ask the same question over and over again with the hope that your psychic will eventually tell you what you want to hear.

Tips for calling your psychic

  • If you’re using your cell phone, make sure you have good reception and enough battery!
  • Have a note book and a pen with you to take notes as the psychic speaks.

Be mentally present

  • Don’t get a reading while you’re under influence. You want to have a clear mind when you get your reading.
  • It also doesn’t help the psychic advisor if you’re not mentally present – it’ll affect the overall quality of the reading badly.

Are you ready for a genuine psychic reading?

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Tips to get the best chat reading


Know what you want

  • Do you want a Tarot reading? Or, do you want to communicate with a deceased lover? What are you looking to achieve? Not every psychic specializes in what you want.
  • Make sure you read your psychic advisor’s profile before you make your appointment.

Money talks… or does it?

  • Each psychic charges differently. A lot of money doesn’t mean right information. What matters is the skill of the reader.
  • A good reader:
    • has studied her craft through workshops, trainings or schools.
    • has innate psychic connections
    • takes her work seriously
    • is honest.

Psychic phone reading or psychic chat reading?

  • Chat readings are better because you can save the reading transcript and refer to it even years later. It’s like an online psychic journal!
  • With most psychic hotlines, you don’t get to choose your reader. In chat readings, however, you browse through profiles and choose your own psychic.

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