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What’s an Astrology Reading?

As above, so below. The universal macrocosm holds a mirror to our personal microcosm. All mystery schools, including Astrology, believe that we are all connected – with each other, with the divine, and with the universal energy patterns. Astrology deciphers these patterns by studying the movements of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and the planets, and by comparing each individual’s life map (birth chart) with the changing positions of these celestial bodies.

In an astrology reading, the astrologer calculates your birth chart – a map of the sky as seen from where and when you were born. The sky, on any given day, looks different from Paris and New York. It also looks different with each passing hour. Your birth chart remains the same as your birth date, time and location will never change. But the positions of the planets change – where Venus was in your chart when you were born versus where it is today affects your love life and money issues.

So, who is an Astrologer? 

An astrologer is a person who studied the skies in detail. By this, we don’t mean just looking at the sky and observing the planets. By this we mean, studying the mathematical relations between the planets, the stars, the Sun and the Moon, and our Earth, mapping out what the sky looks like, dividing it by constellations — a group of stars that form a long-recognizable pattern or shape. Constellations have traditionally been named after their apparent shape and/or been likened to mythological or archetypal entities or stories. Astrologers are people who study these in depth, learn to calculate planetary positions, and learn to decipher the messages hidden in celestial maps.

Is there any science behind astrology?

In ancient times, astrology and astronomy were one and the same. No one injected doubt into this field of study. Today, it’s “cool” to be doubtful, ignore intuitions and feelings, and be “rational.” This cultural shift has led many of us to move away from our own senses, feelings, and inner experience. We began to put more emphasis on what we see out there, without realizing that our eyes can err and that our eyes might not be seeing everything.

We believe astrology is science because if you give ten different astrologers your place and date of birth, they would draw up the same natal chart. There is only way the sky was arranged when you were born. Astrologers would also draw up the sky today the same way because they don’t imagine things – they look at where the planets are and create the maps objectively.


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Where did Astrology come from?

People have been fascinated by celestial bodies since day 1. The Sun is the reason we are able to survive – it warms us, nourishes us, as well as the plants we eat. The Moon has been the source so much mythology and people noticed it affects the waters and the oceans, and it even is connected to women’s menstrual cycles. People also noticed the effects of the other planets, eclipses, retrogrades and more – all this before they had one-tenth the technology we have, or even less. They mapped the skies with paper and pencil – and even before that on the walls of caves.

Astrology came from human curiosity and thirst for “bigger knowledge.” The desire to understand how life works, what we are doing here on Earth, and what it is we each have to contribute in our unique, individual way. Astrology came from a deep yearning to understand the world we live in, and the soul we each are inside and outside of our bodies. It didn’t take old sages long to figure out that the outside world is only a mirror of what we have inside – that’s exactly why they looked at the skies to map the relations between the planets. Those relations stood for the relations between our life areas – how is our love life and how does it get affected by our finances, how is our health and how does it affect our relations, or what’s our relationship to mythology and how does that inspire us in life? All these and much more can be answered by studying planetary movements.

How can Astrology help you?

Astrology divides our lives into twelve areas, called Astrological Houses. From day-to-day matters to career, love life, family life, passion and spiritual interests, all can be analyzed through looking at planets’ positions against our twelve houses. Their positions when we were born versus their positions today. As such, as astrology reading can look at any life area, explain what’s happening today and explore how the planets will influence us in the future.

Certain astrological events affect everyone – such as the Mercury Retrograde. But each sun sign constellation feels it differently – even though we can make generalizations for each sign, each individual is affected very differently based on their rising sign (ascendant), moon sign, and other elements in their chart. An astrology reading can help you prepare for tough times. It can help you understand the energies that are coming your way, and understand yourself better.

What’s the difference between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology?

What do you want out of your reading? If you’d like to explore your past lives, karmic influence you’re bringing across centuries and places, and what they mean for your life now – get a Vedic astrology reading. If you’re interested in helping yourself in the here and now, and prepare yourself for the week, month and year ahead, get a classical/Western astrology reading.

Each astrologer is different – even those schooled in the same tradition may interpret influences differently. Make sure to find a reader whom you’ll connect with.

Online Astrology Readings

In the old days, astrologers used to use computers, pencil and a large piece of paper to calculate and draw your birth chart. It was extremely time consuming, and astrologers could make mistakes given the manual nature of the calculations. Today, there’s a software that calculates and draws birth charts instantly and precisely, regardless of where and when you were born. Astrologers work with the software, and then based on planets’ positions in the past, now and in the near future, they interpret the influences on your life.

This software, plus instant chat programs make astrologers available to everyone, all the time. We now don’t need to make an appointment, or wait hours for an astrologer to calculate our chart. The information is instant and ubiquitous – we don’t even have to leave home! Connecting with a good astrologer online is enough.

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Terry Nazon, whose career has spanned over 20 years, is an astrologer to the famous and rich. She is considered a rising star in astrological circles by the media. She has memberships in major astrological fellowships and organizations like the American federation of astrologers, NCGR, ISAR, AAN and SFAA. She has been featured in several magazines and appeared in different TV shows apart from being voted as one of the top ten astrologers in America by Time Warner’s book.

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