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Hello, I am Sonya Starr Angel! You can tell me anything and I will never judge you! Instead, share with me your deepest questions concerning love, career, personal guidance, or ANYTHING ELSE. I am here to help you through your even your toughest times. I am a Psychic and an Empath who can connect just using your first name. If you wish, I can use tools to supplement the reading (e.g., tarot cards). My spiritual guides share with me information to help steer you on the best path, and make decisions whenever you are facing crossroads.

As an Empath, I can connect with anyone around you and tell you how he or she feels about you, and what is going on in their life. This means that Love Readings are my specialty and favorite to perform, but I can help you with any topic. I can answer questions about your future Love or Life path, including who is yet to come in your life. I provide accurate timeframes for when key events will happen.

I am a very successful and top-rated Psychic. I have regular clients from around the world. I have many great reviews and feedback that demonstrate my psychic ability. Whatever kind of reading you are looking for, I am always one to give you honest answers. I never tell you what you want to hear. The truth can prepare us for what is to come, good or bad. I deliver answers with integrity and sensitivity. You can trust me to help you with any question. I go above and beyond for my regular clients. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you.


I am a naturally gifted Empath and Psychic. This is a generational gift that has been in my family for many years. I have developed my gifts through much practice since childhood.
Also, I am trained and qualified in astrology, numerology, dream reading, tarot reading, and other tools you can inquire about. While not necessary, sometimes tools can supplement a reading to provide new information.


I have performed thousands upon thousands of reading my lifetime. I have performed in-person readings since I was very young, and online readings ever since I became an adult. I have much experience in just about every type of reading or situation you can think of. I am also experienced to NEVER judge my clients, to only help in the ways that my gift allow me to.

Location: Chicago, IL, USA.

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