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Wide expanses of wilderness. Sweeping coastal vistas. Cities thriving with culture and history. Canada has a landscape as varied as its people, and a long, powerful psychic tradition. Now, thanks to our trusted psychic network, you can access Canada’s best psychics.

We’ve spent years interviewing, reviewing, and working with only the best online psychics in Canada to bring you this list. They are:

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Top 3 Popular Psychics in Canada

  • Mandy Peterson is known for her compassionate love readings, delving deep into the beliefs and purposes of people, understanding what lies beneath and is not visible on the outside for the clients themselves.
  • Mandy’s specialty is in “Karmic Unweaving," according to which, your problematic thought patterns and beliefs are replaced with positive and truthful ones.
  • Mandy doesn’t encourage her clients to just focus on the end results, instead she empowers them to look into the past with new eyes, make aright what was wrong, and create a life of harmony.
  • Contact details: 1-888-MY-ETHER, Ext. 05141032,

  • Christine Nightingale has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto. She is a certified Reiki Master, Hypnotist and Aroma therapist.
  • Her specialty is helping pregnant mothers communicate with their growing babies. Even if there is a miscarriage and the child’s not born, his or her spirit is still alive and can be communicated with.
  • Christine also helps women get pregnant, from a psychological perspective, after traumatic experiences such as a miscarriage. She helps them communicate with the incoming babies' souls, and eases their anxiety about getting pregnant and delivering to term. A relaxed mother is better able to nourish her baby.
  • Contact Details:,

  • Maxine was voted as the most popular intuitive and psychic, plus she is also a member of Canadian Association of Psychics and Scleroderma Association of British Columbia.
  • 7 years' clairvoyance experience. Maxine promises her clients a rich quality of living, which reverberates with the purpose of being manifested out in the world.
  • Her clients are doctors, artists, police officers and many other professions, whom she assists on a deep level, excelling in developing positive energies.
  • Contact Details: 1333 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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