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I’m here to provide warm, caring, thoughtful and most importantly, practical insight! My specialty is love and relationship, but can look into all aspects of your life to help guide you down the right path. I’m honest with what comes through and sometimes that’s not always easy to hear, but sugar coating things and false hope do not help. But we will work together to explore all options to try to find the most positive path! Predictions are great but clarity will help to provide a better understanding of the bigger picture.


Established and respected, I have been providing professional readings for over ten years now!


My experience as a psychic goes back to when I was a child. I started providing professional services in the late ’90. Feel free to look at my ratings, there’s clients that have been with me regularly going back to 2004! I’m certainly thankful for all of my regular clients but it’s great to be able to connect with new folks as well! I look forward to helping you!

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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