Top 3 Psychics in Toronto

  • She is a Clairvoyant based in Toronto, Canada.
  • She has had massive media coverage in newspapers, magazines and even TV shows.
  • First made her TV debut on a talk show in Toronto in 1993.
  • Contact details:,
  • Her reading days are Monday to Friday, and she sometimes makes an exception for Saturdays
  • She is widely acclaimed and recognized for her sharp wit and a no-nonsense approach to the paranormal, and has also been a consultant for film and television productions.

  • She specializes in intuitive readings, Spirit Communication and Energy Healing.
  • Provides public, group and private mediumship services.
  • She’s reputed for the valuable, detailed information she provides, information which brings unconditional love and helps heal one's soul.
  • Contact Details:,, situated just outside of Toronto.

  • After years of profound suffering, she broke the vicious cycle of pain she was in, and is now helping others through her amazing abilities. She considers her previous struggle a profound gift.
  • She has spent several years studying therapy and believes that the process of enlightenment is never-ending.
  • Also the president of the Board of Directors at the Britten Memorial Church in Toronto.
  • Contact Details:,

  • Specializes in Chakras and the reading of the Aura.
  • Began her career as a regularly featured guest on TV and Radio shows, also been featured on FOX news, Good Morning America and Channel 6.
  • Initially read for her friends and family for fun but then professionally stepped into the psychic world upon realizing her true potential.
  • Contact Details: (704) 566-8300,,

  • Along with psychic intuitive readings and mediumship services, Sam also offers psychic coaching.
  • Twenty years' work experience with gratitude from the heart, she is a Life Coach, Healer and Psychic Medium.
  • Both, heart-centered and sharp minded to unravel the inner ramblings and contortions of the spirit.
  • Contact Details: 705-825-2505,

Best Online Psychics in Toronto

Top Psychics in Toronto, Canada

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