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If you’ve never had a past-life reading, you are only seeing a small part of your larger existence. Our past-life readers are specialized in opening doorways between your past, present and future. Once you understand your past — and your past lives — you can truly perceive what has inspired you or what has been holding you back. Armed with that knowledge, nothing will be able to stop you from creating the life you desire.

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What is a past life reading?

A past life reading is the type of psychic and spiritual reading that opens the door to our previous incarnations. It explores the reasons behind what we perceive as inexplicable or seemingly insurmountable karmas in our current life. The people with whom we feel an instant powerful connection, the things that excite or terrify us in our core, our most deeply-rooted problems, recurrent dreams, addictions, and all those “weird” coincidences can be deciphered through past life readings.

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Finding YOUR Past Life Reader

Just as everyone has a different past, everyone has different needs from a past life reader. That’s why we believe you should be able to try as many past life readers as it takes until you find the right one for you. Here are some tips: – Visit a past life reader’s profile page … does it speak to you?

  • View a past life reader’s reviews … have they helped people like you?
  • Try a past life reader for free! Whenever you pick someone new, you get 3 free minutes to make sure they can help you get in touch with your past life experiences
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Why should you get past life readings?

past life reading analysisWe each struggle with something – it may be romantic relationships, our career, saving money, friendships, family bonds, our physical health, or psychological ups and downs such as feelings of depression. No one is immune to life’s challenges.

Sometimes, a relationship we had in our past life reappears in this life. When a lesson is not learned, when the relationship began, continued and ended in an unhealthy way, the two souls want to get together again and restart the process. Because any unlearned lesson bothers the soul.

And sometimes our souls want to meet again because we have established a soul-mate connection. This can be true for family relationships – you may have the same daughter as in your previous life – and also true for romance. Sometimes the love experienced is so big that it transcends centuries.

Past life readings are not the same as past life regressions. In regression, you are hypnotized and asked to go backwards in your timeline. In a past life reading, the psychically and spiritually experienced psychic does this for you – there’s no need for hypnosis. Your psychic advisor takes an extrasensory voyage back into time to be able to see, hear, and feel the people and the places in your past.

Different mystery schools approach the issue of past lives differently. Vedic Astrology, for example, takes into account all the karmic influences that come from previous incarnations. Western astrology, too, believes that the time and place of your birth explain the future karmic effects of this life. Thus, there’s always a time and space relationships between past, present and future.

If an issue keeps reoccurring in your life, even after you work so hard to change it, you may want to get a past life reading. Without the information coming from the past, it may take you lifetimes to solve the issue at hand – but when subconscious information is brought to the surface, you’ll have a much easier time understanding the why’s and how’s. It will take shorter to understand your own psyche and solve the problems that bother you.

What can you learn from your past life analysis?

It’s a cycle. Any unresolved issue from the past will come back in the future. As Carl Jung once said, “nothing gets lost in the psyche.” The future of your love life, career, health, family life may all be influenced by past events that impacted you, that you haven’t yet let go due to the “teaching potential” they have. They will only go away once you learn what you’re supposed to learn.

It’s believed that between any two lives, the soul, very consciously, and with the help of spirit guides, chooses what to learn in its next life. The choices are made keeping in mind what the soul’s past is. A past life analysis helps decipher these deep soul-intentions also known as you soul purpose. This purpose will affect every day of your life and your future.

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For a successful past life analysis, keep in mind that not every psychic can give you what you need.

  • Choose a past life reader you feel a connection with. You can also read their online reviews and ratings.
  • Whenever you pick a new past life reader, you get 3 free minutes to begin talking. Ask questions and see if you like your psychic.
  • Once you find a psychic you like, stay for a detailed reading.
  • Listen closely to to your past life analysis to understand your journey.

You’ve always existed, and you’ll always exist. This journey is very important – you are shaping your self every single day, with every choice. Any unresolved issue affects your choices – it’s time to bring to the surface those hidden experiences and make healthier choices. Help your soul today by getting a past life reading.

Our Infinite Voyage in life and beyond

Socrates said, “I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again.” Many philosophers, mystics, sages, and an increasing number of western scientists now accept that energy doesn’t disappear; instead it changes form. Ice to water, water to vapor, vapor back to water etc. The human spirit also follows cycles: manifest body, unmanifest body, back to manifest body.

Small children sometimes recall memories from earlier lives including details. A recent article highlighted a three year old boy remembering the place, time as well as particulars of his past life death in his native village — the same place he selected to come into existence in this life time. He remembered his old name and earlier names of his relatives, and village leaders verified the presence of such an individual.

But our society does its bets to train us to forget. Or, to not believe when we remember. To suppress our subconscious. A past life reading is very helpful in excavating those long forgotten feelings, energies, events and their affects on us. We have had many bodies, many lives, and many more experiences than we recall. Get a past life reading now and explore it yourself.
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Online Past Life Readers

Our top past life readers are waiting for you for an online past life reading right here. Gather your question and connect to your self in this life and your past lives. They will guide you through your journey to find the answers you seek.

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    I’ve never though that my past can be influencing so hard in my present life. It is good to reveal your feelings with a good past life reader.

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    Well said Sylvia, Understanding your past can help to chose a better path in the future avoiding the same mistakes and identifying the moments that make you happy.

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