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I am an Intuitive Reader & Advisor with Love, Dating, Single/Relationship, Career & Finance as my specialties. My readings go indepth into the situation to provide you a clearer picture as to what to expect out of the situation and the circumstances of the choices you make. With the help of my spiritual visions and guides, my readings come across as detailed, honest, frank without any sugarcoating.
I can help you know and understand what he/she is feeling and thinking about you and the situation. The person’s thoughts, emotions and expectations from you and the situation as well as the future potentialities of any thing between you and any person is what I shall be covering in my insights as per your requirements. I only look forward to you entering into a session with an open mind, ready to hear the truth and reality of the situation, the running phase of your life and the circumstances of the choices you make.
My abilities have motivated, helped, inspired and guided my clients to make the right choices, choose the right paths, take the necessary steps by understanding the outcomes of certain actions and help build a brighter future with determination, patience and love.


Spiritual – Reader, Advisor, Intuitive Healer, Clairvoyant. I deal with all aspects of life pertaining to love, relationship, dating life, future love relations, meeting someone new, finding your soulmate, marriage, divorce, career, finances, job and other related areas. My readings are a combination of all the energies from my guides, visions and intuition that I have. I specialize in Tarot Readings too for those requiring it.
This is for entertainment purposes only.


I have over two decades of experience in providing clarity, insight and advise through my psychic abilities and expertise. I have natural spiritual abilities to read about a situation the future in all matters relating to love, relationship, career and finances. I offer guidance, detailed and accurate analysis, insights in to the future with my compassionate, frank, straightforward, empowering and reassuring messages and readings. I have helped people by understanding their situations and with my spiritual abilities, help them see what they couldn’t for themselves and their situations.
I find peace and happiness in assisting my clients and helping them choose the right paths towards their ultimate best futures. Helping people with my gifted powers has always provided me a sense of fulfilment and assurance that my abilities are put to good use for the benefit of my clients and their lives.


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    Vickylynne Deguara

    I am at a rut in my life.I have no money to live by and the very small wage I get monthly is not enough to cover my rent,bills,doctors etc etc.Due to this I have quite a few debts to pay and I’m going insane. Will I have any improvement in finances very soon ,Please??? Will anyone help me soon???

  2. 2


    Hi darling, I am sorry to hear about your situation, I have s strong feeling that you will face any circumstance. We have many online spiritual advisors with great advice for you, read reviews and pick up your favorite one. In this page, Intuitive Advisor can assist you and guide you, take care!

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    I am a suffering a day life , i don’t have not to do i dnt have money many is a long story please help me to won a gamble , which side should i give you the match details please

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