Everything You Want to Know About Western Astrology

The curiosity, fascination, and study of the skies is nothing new in human history. For as long as we existed, we have looked at, examined, followed the planets and other celestial bodies. In early human history, our ancestors worshipped the Sun, the Moon, and they observed equinoxes and solstices as sacred days. They based their whole lives on Nature and acted with unmatched reverence.

Two thousand years ago, astrology and astronomy were one and the same science – people didn’t distinguish between what they measured in the sky and the mythical importance of these observations. The Sun wasn’t seen just as a mass body of gas in the sky – it was seen as our life giver, our nourisher, our enabler and source of being, living, surviving and thriving. The Moon was never just a satellite in the sky – ancient peoples knew it affected waters even before they had the gadgets to measure oceanic movements.

Ancient people were truly connected to all the elements of the universe both down here on Earth and up there in the sky. They knew we weren’t just coincidental beings on an accidental planet – they knew we each have a reason to be here as well as a collective human purpose.

From Babylonia to Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, India, and China – all over the world astrologers studied the same things and divined the same possible outcomes. It can’t all be a coincidence. The sky certainly has some secrets for us to discover!

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What is Western astrology based on?

Western astrology is based on the movements, speeds, and relationships among the planets plus the Sun and the Moon – all that in relation to our planet Earth, as in how we see the sky from where we are. If you think about it, the sky looks different from Mars, or from Mercury or Pluto. So, our sciences are all based on how we live and what experience – from gravity to air pressure to astronomy.

Western astrology, like all our sciences, arts, and disciplines, is based on our very own experience of the skies. It maps how the sky looks and studies the relationships and angles among planets. There are patterns in the sky – what we call constellations. These constellations form the basis of astrology – when you read “Pluto is in Pisces” it means Pluto has entered the Pisces constellation.

What are the Western zodiac signs?

In Western astrology, there are twelve signs – or constellations. They are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each is a separate constellation and stays the same. What changes is the positions of the planets – they move through these constellations as they orbit around the sun. Some planets move real fast like Mercury (mere 88 days) and others are real slow, like Pluto (a whopping 248 years).

What is the difference between Vedic and Western astrology?

Ultimately all different types of astrology come from the same source but they might develop different techniques of divining. For example, Vedic Astrology pays more attention to the stars (sidereal) while Western astrology places more emphasis on the planets. Vedic astrology looks at the influence of your past lives and karma, and divines your future based on those past influences. Western Astrology looks at the past too but it cares more about what your natal chart says for this life.

Questions you can ask during an astrology reading

Wonder what types of questions you can ask during an astrology reading with a western astrologer? You can pretty much ask about anything – astrology divides our lives into twelve life areas covering everything from our self-expression, relations, and friendships to our sex life, possible inheritances, and even death – which can also be symbolic for death of an old self and the birth of a renewed self.

Western astrologers can answer any and all of your questions based on your natal chart and your chart today. You can ask them to give you a detailed panorama of the past, current and predicted future events – all can be seen in your chart. Remember, astrology believes in free will – so the future is only based on the types of influences coming your way. If you’re like most people, you repeat patterns and have many subconscious beliefs – your astrology chart helps you to uncover these, take responsibility to work on your self, and change your future – if that’s what you want to do.

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Astrology is an amazing mirror to look at. It shows you your tendencies, ways of behaving, and the “contracts” you made with the universe before you stepped foot on Earth. Your soul and your spirit guides agreed on the best karma for your soul – remember, there are no judgments in the spirit world. What we consider difficult or undesirable in this world isn’t viewed that way in the spirit world. Your soul might have wanted to experience poverty or a moneyed existence – one is not inherently better than the other. They are just experiences and we have curious souls.

Astrology can help you decipher all the things you have come to this world to learn. Nothing is set in stone though – if you feel that you’ve learned enough from working hard, it might be time to learn to do less and just enjoy being alive. You can change your tendencies – not overnight but over time.

Finding a good astrologer online

We partnered with an amazing online psychic platform that also offers astrology services online. Whether you’d like a Vedic astrology reading or a Western one, you can find who you’re looking for. You can list astrologers by their ranking and ratings, or by price if you’ve allocated a certain budget for your reading. If you haven’t, it might be a good idea to think how much you’re willing to pay – some astrologers have so much experience and so many clients and it’s only expected that they charge more than novices. Ask yourself, what’s your limit?

Remember, this isn’t something you do every day. It’s an investment, a source of spiritual help, a guide for the future. So, it shouldn’t cost little – you want details and you want to be able to ask all your questions. If money is a problem, you can also choose a regular psychic who can easily answer your yes/no questions using a pendulum, rune casting, angel cards, or any other psychic divination method. Astrology readings are good for those who wants a thorough reading.

Love compatibility

Do you want to know if your partner and you are compatible? The answer shouldn’t just be a mere yes or no. There are many life areas – you might be amazingly compatible when it comes to the way you spend money and save money but perhaps you have very different overall desires – you want children and a big family and he or she doesn’t. Maybe you need an urban life with a lot of stimulation and your partner wants a quiet place out in the country. A good astrologer can compare your natal chart with your partner’s and can tell you all that and more. Ask whatever it is you’d like to know!

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