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You’re at a crossroad or have an urgent question you just can’t seem to figure out on your own. Well you’ve come to the right place! Many times in life we find that situation can get so confusing and overwhelming making it difficult for us to see clearly and make a decision. It’s at times like these that consulting a professional, experienced psychic can make all the difference and provide that extra bit of clarity and direction you need.

How to pick the best psychic?

We’ve done the hard work for you. Here at we’ve put together an incredible list of very gifted and experienced psychics, specializing in many different services. You can be sure when picking a psychic on our website, that you are in good hands.


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Top Online Psychics in the U.S.

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Top 3 Psychics in United States

  • Wendy is a licensed professional Tarot Card reader with 25 years of experience. Also has great knowledge on gems and astrology. She is known for her humbleness and down-to-earth behavior.
  • Wendy believes that anyone can turn her fate around and bring comfort, resolve and understanding to their future years.
  • She believes in being positive and optimistic, but she tells the trust if she sees something negative.
  • Contact details:, 310-701-2034

  • Rosemary The Celtic Lady is the founder of the American Association of Psychics and Healers.
  • The distinguishing feature of Rosemary The Celtic Lady is that she can communicate with animals and read their discomfort whether it is emotional or physical.
  • Through Reiki and other psychic methods, Rosemary will empower pet keepers strengthen their bond with their pets.
  • According to Rosemary, even if your pet is no more in this world, no need to worry. Through mystic animal intuition and telepathy, you will be able to remember and relive in your heart all the cherished moments with your pet.
  • Rosemary The Celtic Lady can also help find lost belongings and can act as a “psychic detective,”   whether what's missing is an individual or an object.
  • Rosemary is also a Reiki Master.

  • Phil Jordan has been working in the area of psychic services nearly for 40 years now. Also working as a Pastor in a small church, he is known to have helped criminal investigations and in locating missing persons.
  • Phil is famed through his telecasts and TV programs all over the globe including Europe, Africa, North America.
  • One of the most notable accomplishments of Phil Jordan is how he saved a young scared little boy who was missing for 17 hours, even after attempts by 200 rescue searchers. Phil saw the map in his third eye and led the rescue team to the right place.

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