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Did you ever wonder if unexpected life-events happened for a reason? When I studied Astrology Life Cycles, I could see the evolution of my life path and where I was headed, with a timing related to new opportunities, or seeking my independence, or a slow-down phase, or the time of chaotic, unexpected changes.

The seven-year-itch happens on or before the seventh Saturn year, bringing major life-style changes. The planet Saturn GRANTS a positive entrance or RESTRICTION to where you’re headed, and Uranus, the break out planet, BREAKS you out of the past and SENDS you into the future?

Your age and life-cycle indicates a major turning point that you’ll experience (wisdom gained through life experiences). Where are you now? Is this your lucky year?

Age 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84. Jupiter Return (the lucky year if you’re not too big for your britches).
Age 14, 44, 74. Saturn Opposition (hard work through struggles — rebuilding).
Age 21-24. Pluto Sextile (using your power to take control of your life).
Age 26-27, 54-55. Progressed Moon Return (a new relationship — personal or professional).
Age 29, 58-59. Saturn Return (aligning or changing your life path — personal or professional).
Age 28-30. Neptune Sextile (living your dreams if you can sift out all illusion).
Age 36-43. Pluto Square (you might let someone go or someone might let you go).
Age 38-42. Uranus Opposition (midlife crisis — unfulfilling relationships must change).
Age 40-43. Neptune Square (midlife crisis — you might question everything).
Age 50. Chiron Return (the mission to heal a deep wound).
Age 55-57. Neptune Trine (magical rewards through self-sacrifice and letting go of high expectations).
Age 56-60. Pluto Trine (using your power to transform your life).
Age 84. Uranus Return (don’t regret your age if you’re living in the future).

I pray and meditate every night before I sleep — I go up and work with God — ask for guidance or ask a question, and I’m usually sent a vision or dream with the answer to my question or the guidance I need!

My favorite vision is related to the time when the world was supposed to end — Friday, December 21, 2012. I asked my spiritual connection to show me where I would be on Saturday, December 22, 2012 — I received a vision in full color of the home page of Kasamba, exactly how it looked then, with vivid pictures of the readers that were working and I was among one of them — busy with a reading! Phew, I’m so glad that’s over!

During the beginning of my spiritual journey, I was a rebel and never listened to the messages I received from spirit! As I remember, spirit told me to go home Right Now — this message ROARED at me like a LION — but I didn’t listen and learned a BIG LESSON and graduated from the ‘Saturn Karma School of Lessons Learned’!

Meanwhile, I went to a spiritual retreat and met one of the Master’s from China — I saw her white aura around the outside of her body — but at the same time, I became an EX-RAY MACHINE and saw the different colors of her chakras on the inside of her body! The Master told me it was time to throw myself into spiritual development — and so I did for the next five years — I found my direction — the right career path, that of helping others!


I am a Tarot Master, Astrologer, Psychic Visionary, Dream Analyst and author of ‘Tarot Boot Camp‘. Thank you for visiting my profile and welcome to Best Psychics Club!

Have you ever wondered why the universe redirects your path and changes the direction you’re headed? Sometimes, unexpectedly, a new door opens and you’re forced to leave an existing path — unable to see the beauty in this experience until later down the road…

Did you know that ‘Rejection is your Protection’? Rejection hurts because it makes you feel like you’re not good enough — but the truth is — you’re being protected from something or someone that probably is not good for you!

When you come into my chat room, together, we’ll walk into the SECRET VAULT, the area that stores hidden things, and you’ll discover the answers to your heartfelt questions — helping you make the right decisions to resolve your existing problems and confusion!

I will use astrology as a base to start your reading — then incorporate the tarot — then use my intuitive impressions (what my spirit guides tell me — spirit seems to understand our life purpose better than we do).


I have worked on since the year of 2008, answering questions regarding other people’s intensions, personalities, relationships, finances, career, break-ups, soul mates, twin flames, dreams and more.

  1. My readings will provide you with truthful insight. I will tell you what I see, good or bad to help you understand your situation.
  2. I will also look into the past, present and future, but also look into the root of the situation to provide you with details so you’ll be able to understand why these events are unfolding, and possibly why you got thrown into this experience.
  3. My goal is to help you find a solution to resolve your existing problems so you’ll arrive at the best possible outcome for your future. Always remember — you’re not lost — you’re just at a road block for a reason — in a slow-down phase to evaluate your situation!

Location: Escondido, California, United States

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