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fortune-tellersFortune telling is the art of connecting with another individual (the client) and tapping into the energy of their future. Fortune tellers use different methods to concentrate and channel this extra-sensory information. Because fortune telling is an ancient art, the methods range from thousand-year old practices to more modern ways. Every fortune teller is different, so what works for every teller is different.

From black coffee readers in the Middle East to Chinese astrology readers in Asia, to cartomancy in Europe, techniques have varied across centuries and geographies. Tarot cards are believed to be an Italian invention, though rumor has it that they existed long before the 1900 Waite-Rider-Smith rendition. Shamans in the Americas communicated with nature and animals as their main source of fortune telling, while African traditions benefited from spirits and group energies.

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The Newest Fortune Telling Methods and Practices

Like any other profession, fortune tellers too kept up with the times. In the old days, there would be long queues to get to see one, and it would also include travel. If a famous fortune teller lives across the country, you’d have to physically take the trip. Today, thanks to the internet, access to good fortune tellers has become easy and mostly, instant.

To get a reading anytime, anywhere, all you need is pointing your browser to a reputable web psychic service. Fortune tellers are live and the answers come in real-time, i.e. you see what the fortune teller types as they type it. Isn’t it amazing?

Here are some divination methods used by fortune tellers.

  • Astrology
  • Fortune cookie
  • Pendulum reading
  • Clairvoyance
  • Playing cards
  • Chiromancy
  • Tarot card readings
  • Divination and omens
  • Numerology
  • Ouija board
  • Crystal ball

Chiromancy (palmistry), crystallomancy (crystal sphere reading) and tarot readings are associated popularly with Sinti and Roma people, who are also known as gypsies. But today fortune tellers from all over the world use these methods.

Most fortune tellers use more than one method. Sometimes they combine different ones in the same reading. This depends on what the client’s questions are, and what the fortune teller thinks is appropriate.

In our contemporary western culture, women tend to use fortune tellers more often than men. In fact, many successful women confess having a fortune teller that they regularly consult. Some of them physically go to their psychic, while others just call or e-mail them. While the psychic hotlines were popular in the 1990s, today it’s been replaced with instant psychic chat.

To Benefit the Most from Your Sessions

Not every fortune teller is the same – so the predictions you’ll get may differ. This is why you need to find a reader whom you’ll trust, like and make sure that they have enough availability. Here are other tips for you to make the most of your psychic sessions.

  • Being prepared: Why not prepare your questions beforehand? Set an intention for the session, write down your questions, doubts, worries and the life areas you want to explore. Also write down what kind of a fortune teller you are looking for, if you don’t already have one.
  • Inspiration and confidence: perhaps you’re going through a really rough patch. Everything seems to fall apart. It is then very important for you to find a psychic who’ll encourage you to create the future you want. Make sure your psychic tells you about the ways out of your situation – ask as many questions as possible about your personal responsibility and what you can do. Write the answers down – in instant psychic chat, your transcripts are saved automatically – so make sure to read them again later.
  • Being open:¬†Don’t mislead your fortune teller by hiding details, or asking irrelevant “test” questions. The psychic doesn’t know everything – they get the information that’s necessary to help you in that moment. Be open to their abilities and leave skepticism at home.

Fate or self-determination?

Some big events are meant to happen. It’s believed that we even plan them before we’re born. They have to happen because they are our life lessons. But many other smaller events happen because we are not aware enough, we don’t take the responsibility or we don’t believe that we can change them. Talk to your psychic if you have doubts about your personal destiny.

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    Hi Lucy, you can find the answer clicking here. Those online advisors will help you find out what is the future in your relationship

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    What is the fees for fortune telling?

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    It depends on the fee of the fortune teller, first you get 3 free minutes to check the advisor and you pay since 4th minute by fee / minute, You can find fortune telling advisors for $2 per minute or $15 per minute, the reading session can take from 10 minutes to 1 hour… so the fee can be between $20 to $800.


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    Hi! Me and my partner have to do a project for school, and our topic is fortune telling. We choose you to interview. Please answer the following questions and tell us about yourself. Thank you so much!
    1. How did you get into fortune-telling?
    2. What methods of fortune-telling do you use?
    3. Do you think that fortune telling plays a role in religion? If so, which religions and why?
    4. What methods of fortune telling are popular where you are?
    5. Are there a lot of fortune tellers in your area? Do you think that fortune telling is a popular occupation in general?
    Thanks again!

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