What is numerology?

NumbersThe term Numerology is the universal language of numbers. It can be stated as the study of numbers along with the occult belief that numbers have some relationship with certain events of life and their influence on human life. It is the path of a unique philosophy of life and a unique psychology of science. It is often related to paranormal.

The concept of numerology is filtered from the wisdom and knowledge of seven thousand years. As numerology is very ancient, its calculations include many different steps and measures but with the passage of time further new things are added into it according to the modern needs.

Due to the growth and expansion of human intelligence, the progress and comprehension for the present and the future becomes apparent. Here, everything around us gets updated, however, the desires remain same. Similarly, the concept of our advancements that our books and dictionaries become larger but the alphabets in letters and the values of the numbers remain same. So, the numbers we are using today are of same numerical values that were used in the ancient times. All the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are not affected at all since millenniums.

 Role of numerology in life

Every creature having a name has letters which are used to construct it, so there are some numbers that are derived from the numerical values of those letters. These numbers are used for easy determination of human personalities, thoughts, experiences, actions and desires. The time and the place where you were born and your name, all these have a specific effect on whole of your life. Every person in the world was born with a specific set of numbers that are only unique to that person. Numerology calculations deal with the addition of these specific numbers of any alphabetic letters relating to one’s life i.e. addition of numbers in your birth dates, sum of numbers derived from your names and the numbers derived from your ideas. The exact links with all other words, names and personalities in your life are perfectly determined through it. Every alphabetic word’s numerical value can be arranged into many different combinations, which are included in the calculations of numerology. All these numbers are used by numerology experts to determine the type of characters of people, where the talents lie in life, where the motivations to be found in life, the purpose of life and further important events in other major aspects of life.

NUmerology ReadingsNumerology reading is so much enchanting and a good source of information for the people who want to know about themselves and their lives. In real sense, Numerology is the synonym of human life engineering because all the better material needed for the construction, planning, analyzing and improving of human life can be achieved through it. It has a big role in the life of people who deal it with interest and apply it with faith. It helps in determination of sharp decisions in major activities and moves relating to all the different aspect of life. Numerology reading greatly increases the way we understand ourselves and our lives. It reveals the meaning of life to us. It helps us to understand the depths of our personalities. It reveals the way we interact with others and the ways to enhance our good relationships in future. It clears the lessons that we have to learn. It opens up the challenges that we will have to face at different turns of life and uncovers our future opportunities we will be given. If it is seriously studied with interest and faith than there is much more found in it than the simple uses.

Free Numerology Reading

As, numerology seem to be very helpful in our lives, so the numerology reports should be observed by every individual who wants to discover about the life. The simple procedure required for a free numerology reading is to mention our full name with exact birth date to get free numerology reports. The experts on this website provides us with our numerology reports to assist us to understand our lives. The reading of our numerology reports gives us all the information helpful to improve our lives.

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Numerology Life Path

In the calculation of Numerology report, Life Path Number is the most basic and the most important part used for the identification and determination of every single thing about our life. These Life Path Numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22. Anyone can possess any of the number from all these numbers. Every number in the Numerology report is converted into the vibration of one single digit by simple addition, except for the inclusion of the “Master Numbers” 11 and 22. These are special numbers with special qualities. Except for these two numbers, the conversion for other numbers is done in such a way that if we have two numbers i-e 15 and 44 then they can be converted into 6(1+5) and 8(4+4), just keep on adding the numbers unless you get a single digit number. Our date of birth is involved in the derivation of the Life Path Number.

Every Life Path Number has its own nature and there are long details of characteristics and qualities of every Life Path Number. However, 11 and 22 (Master Numbers) have special characteristics and qualities as compared to the other numbers. All the characteristics and qualities of a certain Life Path Number can be found in the person possessing that number.

Somehow, highlighting the common similarities these numbers can be explained by four major groups:

  • The group with pragmatic energy: 1, 4, 8.
  • The group with caring energy: 2, 6, 9.
  • The group with expressive energy: 3, 5.
  • The group with sensitive energy: 7, 11.

Numerology love

The idea of using Numerology to find the love or good relationships seems to be very facilitating for a person. It’s also a good way to evaluate the ideas to make existing relationships better. Numerology guides us a lot about finding out the right partner for us by comparing the true matches through Life Path Numbers. The second thing to be compared is expression or destiny number, which is calculated from our full birth name and shows the directions in life. Generally, Numerology gives a straightforward detail about the relationship after the match that whether it will be compatible or it will be a challenge and then the decision is yours. The life path numbers show natural abilities, characteristics and traits to compare with those of your partner’s. These traits should be made into considerations as if they are compatible for both or not. If they are compatible then numerology played its role well in facilitating you to enjoy a happy life with your partner and if they are not then compromises will be the conditions for you to continue the relation in a good condition and to maintain a comfort zone for your happy life. It brings out the result and possibilities when numbers are matched for a relationship. New combined traits are developed when numbers are matched and they are the main guideline for the person to concentrate and to follow in the desire of a good relationship.

Numerology birth date

The birthday numerology is a good tool which is greatly helpful for us to discover ourselves. It also determines what vibratory influences you were possessing at the time of your birth. Your birthday number is one of the five core numbers in a numerology chart. The time and date when you were born and place where you were born, all these factors have great influence on whole of your life. Prior to all others, the day of the month of your birth has much importance because your Life Path Number is derived out of it. All the numerology calculations depend upon the Life Path Number and it is important to be driven. The derivation of Life Path Number from our date of birth is not difficult, it just requires some simple and easy steps.

 Example: If the birthday of a person is august 25, 1997, then it can be written as:

  • Day: 25(2+5) = 7
  • Month: August = 8
  • Year: 1997(1+9+9+7) =26 (it’s not a single digit so it will be reduced again) 26(2+6) = 8

Now, further addition of these reduced numbers is required to get the Life Path Number. So,

  • 7+8+8 = 23(2+3) =5
  • Life Path Number = 5

These all are the birth dates irrespective of the months: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31. Numerology calculations can be made for any of the birth dates but the results in the form of nature, traits, characteristics and qualities of a certain birthday number are somehow different from every other number.

Numerology Predictions

The events that will happen in the life of people can be predicted by numerology. The type of events that are general to people are too much predictable. Mostly, the specifics are guessed by the people themselves and further activities they do in order to let the circumstance happen or not, just depend upon their own.

Numerology can predict probabilities in future. The events that will happen in the life of people can be predicted by the numerology, though these events are not specified. But some points are highlighted in order to let the people guess the event easily. By such predictions, one can judge what to do, let something happen or prevent it from happening. Sensibility of a target can be predicted but it doesn’t depend upon reasonability of numerology reports that whether the goal is achievable or not. It is up to the people that what they choose to do to achieve a certain goal, keeping in mind the prediction of numerology. If it is not reasonable at that point of time, it doesn’t mean that the target is impossible to achieve. Different things, problems, events and circumstances relating to different aspects of life can be predicted through numerology.

Meaning of Numbers

It is important to know the meaning of the numbers in order to completely understand the numerology reports. Every number has its own many different positive and negative traits. The meanings of these numbers in the numerology correspond towards the Life Path Number along with the destiny number too.

Number 1:

Number ones choose the way they like, to do things. The top five things with which they are strengthened are firm determination, innovation, self-inspiration, and courage. Along with the good traits, there are some negative traits too and they include aggressive, dominating, egotistic, willfulness, impatience.

Number 2:

Number twos are lovers of peace and comfort. According to the good traits, they are sensitive, modest, diplomat, cooperation, adaptability, sincere whereas negative traits include depression, fear, moody, jealous.

Number 3:

Their abilities include verbalization, accurate impression, fun-loving, inspiration and they are self-expressive in many ways too. Scattered thinking, gossipy, critical, moodiness are some of the negative traits of number 3.

Number 4:

Number fours are the people with hardworking ability along with responsibility, organizing, focusing, highly practical and fine management skills as their positive traits. Negative traits can be detailed with argumentativeness, confused, inflexible, impatience.

Number 5:

Number Fives are active movers and multi-talented creative thinkers. Their good traits include good communication, adaptability, quick thinking, and expansiveness etc. Negative traits can be listed with restlessness, unfocused, intolerance, impatience, dissatisfaction.

Number 6:

Number sixes are the people with a firm sense of responsibility. Their further positive traits are balanced, humanitarian, unselfishness, supportive, reliability. Negative traits are self-righteous, perfectionist, stubborn, egotistical, obstinacy.

Number 7:

Number sevens are highly talented at analysis and research. Some of the other abilities are investigative, analytical, intellectual, meditating, peace lover. Negative traits include inflexibility, overly disappointed by distractions, suspiciousness, intolerant.

Number 8:

Number eights are self-motivated, organized in self-employment, they are good business owners, hardworking and strong whereas their negative points are manipulating, intimidating, over ambitious, mismanaging wealth, stressed.

Number 9:

Generous, broad-minded, passionate, selflessness, creative expressions can be included in the good traits of nines. The negative traits of nines are scattered interests, moodiness, defensive, revengeful, melodramatic.

Number 11(Master Number):

Number elevens are lover of peace and comfort. All their traits are as same as the traits of number 2 but there can be an increase in spirituality.

Number 22(Master Number):

The traits of number 22 exactly match with the traits of number 4 but there is a little difference of increasing the possibility for better projects.

Now, you have all the necessary concept about the Numerology, so start getting free numerology readings here instantly with a great convenience.

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