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My expertise are Spirituality and Religion, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Dream Analysis, Psychic Readings, Palm Readings, Hinduism, Parents and Children, Single and Dating, Love Psychics, Marital Life, Breaking up and Divorce, Cheating and Affairs, and Career Forecasts. You would get surprised after having details during the psychic readings. These exceptional details pertains to timeframe, place, name, marriage and soulmates. Moreover, you can receive psychic readings regarding your job as well as career. You can also ask questions pertaining to finances and money. I am specialist in both break-up and reunification. In addition, I offer exact predictions relating to marriage, divorce, baby’s birth, and the death.

I will pick up powers from persons near me and will obtain messages that reach me. I have developed my abilities like numerology by sitting in circle and dream interpretation. I am talented tarot reader and utilize these skills during offering readings to my clients.

I offer readings relating to Cosmobiology, a system of astrology that utilizes quadriplicities including 04 cardinal, 04 fixed, and 04 mutable signs at a 90 degree, instead of usual 360 degree house system. It provides a wonderful view via an excellently adjusted lens at peoples’ daily lives as well as our personalities, which is focused and clear. It can suitable be stated as a book of roadmaps, “Melway of life.” This book eases the navigation of life’s highway.

The said system helps me to assist everybody for making choices out of the options available to anybody and make him/her aware the way process takes places.
In order to get the key for opening the door of your world and to provide you your distinctive reading that is needed is your birth time, birth date, birth place. Your chart is matchless – no one other’s chart would be same and your reading is quite personalized.


My education, experience, background knowledge, and observation has enabled me to offer readings Spirituality and Religion, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Dream Analysis, Psychic Readings, Palm Readings, Hinduism, Parents and Children, Single and Dating, Love Psychics, Marital Life, Breaking up and Divorce, Cheating and Affairs, and Career Forecasts. A psychic’s sincere and loyal support plays a vital role in achieving peace in your life. Quality and satisfaction is the basis of my expertise.

If you intends to have guidance regarding your life i.e. career, relationships etc., in such a case, you request for a psychic reading. I would energetically connect with you while working with aura that comprises information relating to you and your past, present, and future. It is the spirit in my body which connects with your body’s spirit. You may get guidance psychically which would assist you for making some of your life’s decisions. I intend to bring insight where required and offer you the highest and best guidance in order to assist you in moving forwarded from existing hurdles in your life. You would always have your own will to have choices on the basis of guidance you get. You need to remember that nothing is constantly set in stone.


I started offering my services in 2004. I have been providing uninterrupted services to my clients on Liveperson/Kasamba for the last 12 years’ being an expert of spirituality and religion. I have 23000 reviews at my credit and mostly obtained 5 stars rating in my field of expertise. These reviews and ratings inspire my clients to ask their questions and share their problems without any hesitation. Such a huge experience enables me to answer my clients’ questions and resolve their issues.
Spiritual contact authenticates the presence of another world i.e. spirit world. It is a place which is not parted through distance, rather by dimension. This world survives on diverse vibration as compared to the physical world. It is useful to consider it like a frequency, just as a radio that has several various frequencies. Being a psychic medium, I demonstrate my abilities like a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient, attuning myself to such a high frequency, coupled with the attempt of those in spiritual world in order to permit the communication to occur. The process of communication of psychic mediumship proves to be a channel between two worlds which joins us the spirit loved ones, assisting to bring close, solve as well as healing. I radiates integrity and truth in all of my work. I am also honestly devoted to my work with spirit. My intention is to assist others with regard to their spiritual voyage with the help of enlightenment and spiritual education.

Location: India

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    Metacosmic transit period to start on 7 th August need free advice if possible

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    I have got a reading for around 17 mins out of which 3 mins was free. So I was accurately charged for USD 41.93. However, I was charged USD 15 before that. can you please refund that USD 15? Thanks

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    I am forwarding your message to the customer support manager. They will contact you soon to clarify this charge, if it was done by mistake, you will get a refund. Have an amazing day AB!

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    Ravinath Nair

    A lady name Lalitha Nair her Date of Birth : 22/05/1957.Can you tell me when both of us will be hugging and kissing together.Thank You.

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