Birth Chart Readings

Birth Chart

The date, time and place of your birth matter.

We each choose our place of birth, date and time. We choose the circumstances that are best for us to learn our karmic life lessons and tasks. But as we incarnate and go through a long childhood, we lose much of this information. Some of us still have a sense of purpose that comes from deep within, but most of us don’t remember our soul purpose, the lessons we picked, the relationships we envisioned for ourselves. A birth chart offers a key to this information.

If you don’t know the exact hour of your birth – don’t worry. A good astrologer can find it out for you through asking you a series of questions.

Birth Chart Calculation Tool

In the old days, astrologers used to use paper and a pencil, and make so many calculations, for hours, to be able to map out the sky at your birth, as seen from the place you were born in. Today, there’s no need to do this: there’s software that can do it automatically. So while you can create your own map instantly, you’ll still need a good astrologer who can interpret your chart. There’s your sun sign, ascendant, moon sign and the position of planets in your twelve astrological houses. Their placement and the relationships among these placements matter a lot.

Get your birth chart interpreted now. Talk to an online advisor and let them guide you to your real path.

What kind of information can I get from my birth chart?

  • You can understand your life purpose and tasks that your soul wishes to master.
  • You can analyze your relationships – family, friends, social connections and romantic relationships. You can explore them today, or how they will be in the future.
  • You can get a compatibility report between you and your partner – just make sure you know their place, date and time of birth to provide to your astrologer.
  • During a session with a professional astrologer you can ask about any life area – health, money, career, your dreams, creative endeavors, family life, social life, mystic and spiritual interests – basically anything you’d like to know about.
  • You can get a detailed career report, including what kinds of careers would make you happy, what kinds of work environments would be good for you, and your relationship with money, abundance and manifesting your dreams.
  • You can also inquire about the completion of projects you’re working on – the planets may have answers on reasons for delays, why certain aspects are working out and others are not, and when you can expect to complete your project.

birth chart reading sampleVedic Chart Reading

You can also get your birth chart read by a Vedic astrologer. Unlike Western astrology, Vedic astrologers focus more on the influence of past lives and karma across lifetimes.

If there are events in this life that don’t make sense, recurrent emotional cycles that give you pain or discomfort, health issues that were truly unexpected, or anything that seems to not fit, mention it to your Vedic astrologer. They may be able to read your past lives from your birth chart,

How does Vedic Astrology do it?

Vedic Astrology focuses on the stars more, whereas Western astrology focuses on the planets. Because the stars matter more in the calculation of your map, this type of calculation is called sidereal or stellar zodiac. The Western birth chart is a circles, and the Vedic chart is a square. Vedic astrologers also adjust the charts based on equinoxes and other planetary events.

Vedic astrology looks at the patterns you experienced in your past lives and, based on those it creates “dashas,” a timeline of events for this lifetime. Your dashas show what’s coming your way – when you’ll find your dream job, dream partner, have children, buy a place, how you’ll be health-wise etc.

Get an online chart reading now

Get help from online astrologers now and get your birth chart created and interpreted. Whether youw ant a Western reading of your chart or a Vedic interpretation, there are numerous online readers who can help.

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