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You will remember a spiritual reading with me for weeks to come. Your eyes will become open to what is going on around you, and how to accept or tackle any situation. I use a variety of tools, such as tarot, astrology or numerology to connect with you. But they are not always necessary, the most important thing is that I establish a soul-to-soul connection with you. Once that is done, via chat or phone, I can help you see where you are going in your relationships, whether or not you’ve met your soulmate, or if he/she is simply a twin flame.

I can see the power within you and show you the best direction to take in career, or see where true talents lie and how to tap into that infinite source of energy within you. If you are self-employed and feeling stuck, a psychic reading can help you unravel any problem and give you a fresh outlook.
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Best-selling author of eBooks: Ancient Magic for the Modern Witch, and Gypsy Wisdom. BA degree in Mass Communications. One-on-one Metaphysical teachings from expert tarot and psychic grandmother Antolina Mateos Ramos of Spain.


I’ve had vision and clairvoyant experiences since childhood (about 9) my gifts are inherited from my ancestors, particularly my father and grandmother. I started doing palm readings at 14 years-old, which helped be gain spiritual insights into others. Later I learn to read regular playing cards, then the tarot, then crystal balls to look for those who have crossed-over, I’ve been doing psychic readings now for more than 40 years.

Location: Bigfork, Montana, United States

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    What a beautiful experience chatting with you Chris, I still need to learn to control my emotions, your advice was exactly what I was looking for.

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    I got this free love tarot reading olnine. It seemed to be an accurate website, because many of things that my tarot reading said were true. These things were so true about myself that no one but I knew them. But some of them seemed to indicate future events. I just wanted to know accurate these future predictions are. so my question is, how accurate are olnine tarot readings?

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