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What do they want? How do they feel? What will they do? Questions that require honest answer. Come for a unique and insightful reading like no other. I’m down to earth and yet my readings offer insights that will blow you away. A change in perspective is often a result of a reading with me. I don’t offer extras or charge for prayers. So I have nothing to gain from you except your new found happiness, clarity and direction!


I’ve spent a major portion of my life honing my gifts, learning from a great variety of teachers and tools. I’ve attained degrees in metaphysics, spirituality, counselling etc…but the greatest teacher has been and will always be the Divine source of life that speaks to me and instructs me and guides me day to day.


My experience has taken me across the world as I have covered every major religion, movement and belief system. I’ve sorted out the facts from fiction, the truth from the lies and have attained a level of attunement in the Divine that is seldom seen in public. Now you also have access to the ultimate truths about yourself, your life, your relationships, where you stand, what they feel, think and want, it’s all there waiting for you to ask.
Over 20 years experience including in person, online and phone readings. Radio Psychic and personality.

Location: Toronto, Ontario , Canada

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