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  • She has read for VIP clients at Live Nation events, and also had the chance of working as an on-set tarot advisor for the film "Knight of Cups," directed by highly respected auteur Terrence Malick and starring Christian Bale.
  • Contact Details: 424-214-8348,
  • She continues to explore buddhism, Theosophy, religion, mythology, quantum physics, art, aromatherapy, among other things, for self-development.
  • Website:

  • She offers psychic readings and mediumship to clients for a certain charge, as she does not want to be flooded with clients.
  • She has clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.
  • She has been voted a top psychic in the Top Ten Worldwide, for the "World's Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers"
  • You can follow her through her radio shows.
  • Currently she limits her sessions to about eight people.

  • Works in intuitive psychic services and mediumship, plus detective work.
  • Scheduling details: ~ Phone Readings 7 Days a week and Office appts. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday ~ Los Angeles Office: 3701 Highland Ave. Ste. 303A, Manhattan Beach, CA. 90266 Ph:1-310-962-0511
  • She intends to bring out positivity and change for the better as she helps her clients. She believes in the power of faith and the universal benevolence.

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