Best Psychics in Miami

Looking to find the best psychics in Miami? Want to find a psychic local to you?

At Best Psychics Club, we work with the very best expert psychics to give you the very best service.

Want to find a psychic in your area? Check out our list of experts below.

  • Tea leaf readings, Tarot card readings, healing touch, massage and more.
  • You will find a number of gifted healers and life coaches here and get the chance to engage with them. You'll leave the place with renewed energy and a powerfully positive outlook on life.
  • Given these are group sessions, they are very reasonably priced and are far more affordable than individual or private readings. Group activities and prayer groups help cultivate tolerance and also widen the platform of learning, so that each individual has more to absorb from and take home at the end of the day.
  • Walk in every Friday evening for the session held from half past 5 till half past 7 at 4736 N.E. 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33137, (786) 309-3909
  • Website:
  • The place continuously hosts events where you can find many psychics and meet with them!

  • Situated in Ft. Lauderdale-Miami
  • Medium specializing in spirit communications
  • Vito has an amazing experience of 50 years in the field and he is truly amazing, given how happy his clients have been with the readings and visits. He is certified in Spirit Counseling and Spirit Mind Treatments. He has a PhD in Metaphysics. He is also an esteemed member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association and the International Metaphysical Ministry.
  • Readings are generally provided face-to-face, in person, but he also offers telephone readings for those who are not in the area and are unable to make the journey.
  • He can be reached at: 305-307-4090, [email protected], website:

  • Specializing in Spirit Communications, Tarot Card Reading and Spirit Art, Jenny is also a Reiki Master, Healer and Psychic Medium.
  • She can be reached at: [email protected] and on
  • She is available on Skype only until June 2015
  • Her unusual capacity for drawing information from the spirit world is amazing. It sets her apart from most others.

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