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  • David Zarza, having an educational background in Psychology and an appetite for Mysticism and Spirituality, gives spot on insights and recommendations blessing people with peace and harmony in the United States and abroad.
  • His specialty is unveiling those untapped areas and highly uncommon opportunities and potential within people, predicting the right direction for your life.
  • Apart from the workshops he conducts locally, David has also written a number of books and also works as a reality TV star as a psyching medium produced by 405 productions.
  • Contact Details: 123 2nd Ave. N., Suite 405, Seattle, WA 98109, (206) 920-9409

  • The expertise of Scarlett Foundry is reading Tarot Cards, providing the ultimate purpose of giving intuitions that help making a better future for you.
  • Xtina handles the business for Scarlett Foundry Tarot having an experience of 18 years and is an expert in understanding the behavior of people from differing walks of life , with unique set of circumstances and problems.
  • A series of major life decisions which include new career, new home, marriage, shifting in a new city can become so easy to make once expertise of Xtina is taken into consideration.
  • Contact Details: Seattle, WA 98104, (206) 786-3757

  • Steven Shroyer owns Seattle Astrology has worked with some of the vivid minds who have expertise in psychics and has also been trained with the world renowned Indian yoga master Paramahamsa Hariharananda, who until his death in 2002 maintained a healthy personal relationship with Steve Shroyer.
  • Steve unlike the usual psychics does not focus much on bringing back the lost loved ones or future intuitions through a collection of Tarot Cards. His expertise is gathering knowledge by astrology through the past life of his clients, and how it might affect your present and future.
  • Educating himself with both eastern metaphysics and evolutionary astrology with the founder of the subject Jeffrey Wolf Green, Steve recognized and gathered information as to how Karma is wrongly stereotyped as being an evil and how he correctly interpreted it as a friend and an ally in a person’s present and future life.
  • Steve helps his clients in the following fields: personal remedial and self-determination, a larger viewpoint of their life tenacity, incorporation of their own individual gifts and skills.
  • Contact Details: 8406 6th Ave. N.W., Seattle, WA 98117, (425) 243-2101

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