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Quietsound was born with amazing gifts of relaying messages to questions that you have. She is able to hear the voices of her guides Raymond and Stephen who have been with her since 1967 when she was a young girl in the first grade. She comes from over 4 generations of gifted intuitive psychic mediums. She is able to relay the thoughts and feelings having to do with other people in your life. Her reading style is very natural, warm and compassionate but at the same time she is a no nonsense
reader and advisor. She will tell you like it is regardless if it’s good or bad news and most of her clients respect that and admire her for this. She wants you to be at ease and to relax while you have your reading. Have your questions in mind and concentrate on them and she will guide you through the reading. She does not do pregnancy readings, health readings, or anything having to do with the law. Quietsound also provides picture readings. She is able to read the impressions off of photo’s that you can upload and this can be of a person, place, or thing. She usually does this more as an email reading but has done them in live chat. Picture readings are wonderful ways and gives a more detailed report and a much more closer accurate reading especially when it comes to time frames and when digging deeper into the mind of the person you would like to know about.


Quietsound has performed thousands of readings to clients all over the world. She’s Board Certified with the American Tarot Association, She holds a Certificate from sychic Society International and has received a certificate from Universal Class for Spiritual Counseling. She is a Master Reiki Healer where she holds a certificate for there too. She has been known to use “Light Energy” to help others with dragging energy problems and has sent healing energy to all clients who ask for this.


Quietsound has worked professionally in her private life since 1967. She’s offered her gifts to the public for the past 30 years and has worked as an Online Psychic Advisor since 1997 with one of the first websites who offered online psychic readings. She has worked with a well known site since 2002
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, Unites States

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    I would like to know what happened the night my son passed away and his presence in heaven.

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    Hi Sherryl,

    I am sad to hear that, RIP. You can click on the button above to contact QuietSound.

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