Best Psychics in New Jersey

  • She specializes in Spirit Communication and is a psychic medium.
  • She candidly expresses that during the beginning of her career she experienced tremendous amount of fear and the stigma of the unknown but overtime with knowledge and experience came wisdom and now a confident psychic, she is able to help others to search for the truth within one’s own heart through some external help.
  • Also she advises you to live your life to the fullest.
  • Contact Details: 973-616-9685,,

  • Based in New Jersey, Lisa specializes in psychic intuitive, spirit contact, and intuitive psychic coaching.
  • She charges a fair fare of 125 dollars an hour.
  • She has garnered a regular routine of clients due to those really happy with the positive outcome and much to gain from the process of reading and communication with her.
  • Contact Details: 856-853-1009,,

  • Located in Butler New Jersey, Pamela specializes in not only psychic intuitive, spirit contact but also energy healing.
  • For scheduled appointments she charges $125.00/hour, $75/half hour
  • Contact Details:, 973-271-7882,

Best Online Psychics in New Jersey

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