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I was born with the unique gift of insight, seeing all, feeling all and have many Indian spiritual Guides who also send me messages ,as each person is different ,and everyone has their own set of problems, I am able to set them on the right path with my talents and gifts that I posess. I have also learned along the way how to be gentle with certain situations, and am always respectful of clients’ feelings. But at the same time I am obligated to say what I see and feel and any special messages I may be receiving from my guides. As my grandfather would always say to me, “little one” we can offer our advice, insight and wisdom, but what a person does with it in the end is up to them.


I have experience in the TAROT,AURA CLEAISINGS, CHAKRA BALANCING, SMUDGING, receiving messages from guides, and also speaking to those who have passed to the other side.I have been able to also see/sense people’s past life which to me is an amazing gift. Dreams also tell me a lot about what lies ahead for a person in their life, wheather it be career, love, marriage, finances, etc.


I have over 40 years of experience in the psychic world, my “gifts” were discovered by my grandfather who was a true Indian Shaman / Healer. He knew I had the gift as a young girl, and helped me along the way to “feel” and “see” what I was truly capable of.As I sat by his side I saw, and heard many things that helped to hoan my gifts, we really enjoyed reading the stars many a night, and helping many people who came to us for insight, guidance,and healing. I also am an expert in Chakra Balancing, and true Aura Cleansings, and Smudging of ones environment surroundings, and body.

Location: New Jersey, USA.

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