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How much easier would tomorrow be if you were able to understand what’s really happening around you? Wouldn’t it be endlessly helpful to know, once and for all, why they did what they did? Those are the insights that help us to understand our past, fully enjoy our present and create a clearer future.

With the help of Betta, my Spirit Guide, my own insights as well as a Tarot card or two for details, you and I will de-fog the window and see what’s really happening in the garden!. There’s no need to spend another moment confused or overwhelmed. We’ll provide the clarity so that –you- can make the best choice.


Working with my Spirit Guide (a once African Tribal Queen, no-less!), the often-clarifying input of the Tarot as well as my own insights, I have been providing my clients with clarification on those tricky issues for over 30 years.


A lifelong psychic-intuitive, it’s a pleasure and honor to walk with you along your journey.

Location: Illinois, United States

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    Hi Julianna…it’s Fil. My situation has taken a turn…not for the better medically. I wanted to contact you to let you know I don’t have my laptop any more right now and am using a nurse’s iPad to send you this email. I have closed my account here because I can not access it and don’t want it left open.

    I want you to know how blessed I feel to have met you and how much your love and light has brought sunshine to my life. I wish for you peace…so much peace in your life and that the burdens others (and yes, sometimes ourselves) put on us is carried away allowing you to relax and enjoy the new life that awaits you!

    You bring much joy, invaluable lessons and peace of mind to people every day….while this is a truly heart-felt gift to many….and while I trust your angels will watch over you and keep you safe, please promise me that you will always take care of YOU!

    I love you and keep you in my heart!

    XO CT! 😀

    PS. In order to send you this message I have had to enter an email address but I will not be able to access it for perhaps quite some time.

  2. 2


    Hi Julianna,

    Your angel cards articles are so empowering, I hope to get some money soon to have a personal reading with you, tons of love….


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