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  • Stephen Robinson is known for his accurate readings and predictions and has been helping people for 37+ years.
  • Stephen is a teacher of psychic skills, having taught over 10,000 students enhancing their ability to develop intuition.
  • His customers and clients include high profile people from the media industry, TV, fashion, movie industry, and others from diverse professions.
  • Stephen realized he had psychic abilities at age 18, He gets help from his Spirit Guides, and he says he read for only one hour every day to be able to give the best reading possible, to have a clear mind so he can connect with his Spirit Guides better.
  • Contact Details: 180 West 20th St. (South-East Corner of 7th Avenue & W 20th Street),

  • Walter Zajac is a Psychic Medium whose dreams manifest in real life - he has been able to predict many events this way.
  • According to Walter, it is foolish to think that dreams are pointless and bear no meaning.  Dreams can give you keen awareness about your future life and comprehension of your present.
  • Reviews given to Walter Zajac by his customers mainly revolve around how he is so accurate, a good listener, putting his clients to ease even if they are nervous initially, how how is non-judgmental and very sincere.
  • Contact Details: Medina Counseling Center, 21847 Redwood Road, Castro Valley, CA 94546

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