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Halo! My name is Mrs. Donna, and I am a German-born Psychic. I was born to a family rich in psychic ability but was not allowed to openly discuss my abilities due to my catholic upbringing. My psychic experiences and encounters started around the tender age of six. I expressed my “visions” to a Great-Uncle who recognized them as a true gift. Luckily, he took me under his wing and kept my ability from being discovered less I be ostracized and sent away to live in a convent like my psychic Aunt before me! Under my Great-Uncle’s tutelage, my psychic ability was allowed to flourish and grow. He provided me with support and safety from others who would not understand or accept my abilities!

By the age of twenty-five, I had grown into, and recognized the vast scope and accuracy of my psychic abilities. I discovered that, by using my psychic gifts, I was uniquely able to help people who were fraught with questions about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. With that note and my desire to help others, my professional journey as psychic reader began. I have a unique ability to use the senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and extrasensory perception (ESP), when the Universe allows, providing people with decidedly precise information to the information they are seeking in their lives. I moved to the United States in 2002 and continued pursuing my career in guiding people though their lives with my psychic readings. Presently, I have more than 40 years of working with people in many areas of life; love, money, careers, marriage, divorce, relocation, etc. My abilities have been expanded to tarot readings, numerology, photo analysis, astrology, palmistry, cold readings, and unplanned “sixth sense” readings of people I encounter; near or far. It is a life calling I take very seriously and feel blessed to be allowed to use my psychic abilities to assist others in finding the answers to a happier life.

Mrs Donna Psychic PlaceMy goal is to be compassionate and understanding, but to deliver highly accurate information with the honesty that every person deserves. My spiritual journey is a daily self-reflecting path so that I may be attuned to the importance of your needs, as you see them. Where life can offer many options to a single question asked, I can ensure that you will recognize the path most right for you in the present moment. Through prayer, meditation and my exceedingly attuned insight, you will observe your life in a way you did not think probable. True to my German heritage, you can expect me to be sensible and straight forward. My aim is always to be compassionate but I will not lie, minimize, or sugarcoat any information I see during a reading. I will deliver the information with the honesty that you need and deserve. It is also my practice to provide the utmost discretion! Your privacy matter to me and I will not discuss your reading with anybody but you.

Life can be much easier when a psychic is consulted about major events in life because gifted readers, such as me, can interpret warnings or advice that comes from the world beyond. I will always stand as your advocate and true advisor who has your best interest at heart! Come to me for your personal reading and guidance to get the truthful information and insight you have been seeking about your life! Your happy life is waiting!

Location: New York, United States

Not available anymore


  1. 1

    Mrs Donna

    First i want to thank you the team for that opportunity. it was a toll house. Never expierenced it before.. i still have some emails to answer.. i want to give the clients the best and have to break it up for tonight.. i hope that is ok.. i did a lot of readings and only could not help one clients.. all the clients were very nice and for the first time they did spend some time with me. so i am pretty sure that some of them will come back.
    Thank you again for this great opportunity

  2. 2

    Mrs Donna

    i am so thankful for the next opportunity.. i will be here . i got helpers coming so i can be online 18 hours from the 11/30 to December 3…

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